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By abigail On 08/28/02  

i tend to dress very dorkily; you know, lots of long thrift store skirts and clogs and corduroys and cardigans such. but friday i'm going to see le tigre and mary timony (!) and i want to look a little bit more cute. i was thinking of wearing these comfy combat-esque boots with a sort of baby doll dress and black tights. is that whole mid-90's sort of look totally tasteless? any other ideas? thanks so much in advance!

xo, abigail

By alexeye On 08/28/02  

wear whatever you feel comfortable in! you won't enjoy the show nearly as much if you feel self-conscious the entire time. but as long as your shoes are comfortable, you can really wear anything: there was such an amazing range of styles at the le tigre shows i went to last spring.

if you're not sure about the black tights, how about a pair of pants under the dress? some people hate it, but i rock that look quite often, and find it comfy and cute.

have fun! le tigre gives good show.

alexeye, who's wearing clogs right now!

By LauraLee On 08/28/02  

i went to see le tigre this saturday, prepare to be rocked.
but really, there was such a range of styles...girls in t-shirts and jeans... girls dressed in crinolines and 80's bangle bracelets... guys running around in undies.
your outfit sounds super cute and you have to try veeery hard to fuck up all black outfits.
wear your outfit, be cute and DANCE!


By cleanout On 08/28/02  

sounds fun! and comfort is key.

i will be the fashion police for a moment though and tell you you're not allowed to wear a white t-shirt under a thin strappy dress. no way! wear a sweater over it instead.

By vicky_vale On 08/28/02  

I always hate going to concerts for that very reason, looking like a dweeb amongst all the trendsetters. But you're there for the music, it's not a fashion show. Sure music and fashion go together but it's a concert and you want to be comfy. Anyways, your outfit sounds cute, go for it! Oh and I love Mary Timony...

By p-girl On 08/28/02  

I like the sound of your everyday wear - clogs, corduroy and cardigans, what a threesome! Wear whatever you want. I just wanted to say clog-style shoes and comfy, "dorky" stuff is totally cool, so don't feel the need to 'cute up'. And to alexeye: I rock the dress-and-trousers look very often too, even though most people consider it a fad that is So Over. I still think it looks brilliant and is really comfortable.

By stella On 08/28/02  

i make a POINT of dressing like a big lame at shows. which is what i always dress like. hello, 6-year old thrift store undershirts and Birkenstock clogs. usually i just wear whatever i had on all day at school or work. and then i can stand there in my comfortable shoes and pants that don't give me a wedgie, and say ha, you all dressed up, and you think you're SO cool with your fancy rock and roller gear, but you know what, you're NOT. i'm a bad person, though.


By Alicewonderland On 08/28/02  

I love you with everything in me right now stella.


By siwrl On 08/29/02  

LOL!!! Stella, you're like my inner voice that I chicken out of listening to when I'm getting ready to go out. I pretty much always overdo it when I go to shows and regret it as soon as I've been there for 15 minutes.


By Tigrrrl On 08/29/02  

stella, I'm now having a vision of you dressed comfortably at a Tool show, having the time of your life, laughing at all the confused, mulletted stoners.

(who settled for jeans and a t-shirt for taking her boy to a Tool show a few weeks ago. And never knows what to wear to shows at clubs.)

By kazoogrrl On 08/29/02  

Last summer, when I saw Ogre and Cevin Key play (for the uninitiated, major goth/industrial crowd), I was wearing a white men's v-neck tshirt and black slacks. It was HOT, I went straight from work to meet friends to drive to DC, and I was not going to be uncomfortable. Let me say, I was the ONLY person in the club wearing anything white. It was funny.

The boy's band is kind of goth/electronic, and when I was wondering what to wear to his show this weekend, he requested a "cute indie kid" look, because he loves to see that at goth shows.

Wear what you will, and make I agree with the comfy shoe part. I spent an entire show barefoot one time because of discomfort - dodging lit cigarette buts is no fun.

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