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By Alicewonderland On 08/28/02  

I'm in the college hunt and I'm going to apply for quite a few, and I was hopeing you'd suggest some good colleges with decent english programs (because thats what I would like to go to)

so if you like/liked your college, please tell me about it, and about how much it costs..I don't have unlimited monies unfortunetly..

By alexeye On 08/28/02  

i was an english major at ucla . . . and i mostly liked it. there are some awesome professors, and several different tracks you can take (english lit, american lit & culture, creative writing, world lit). but while the program is pretty good, and i enjoyed almost all of my classes, the school as a whole can really suck. there are only about 10 cool people at ucla at any given time . . . and it's only cheap if you're a california resident, and i don't know if you are.

so i guess i'm kind of "eh" about ucla . . . though i wouldn't have traded my undergraduate experience for anything.

By quixotic. On 08/28/02  

i graduated from unc-ch in 1998. with a degree in english lit. chapel hill is a *very* college town and an on-again, off-again hotbed of indie rock. i'm not sure about out-of-state tuition, but i loved my two years there. (i transferred from a school in the mountains) i loved it so much, that i'm moving back to chapel hill in two weeks! the english dept is very good, and the journalism school is one of the top in the country!

you're in wisconsin, right? i've heard really good things about univ of wis at madison. not about the english program, but the school and city themselves.

good luck!

*ed. to change: "are you're in wisconsin, right?" to a real sentence. and why, yes, i *did* study english.

By blueduvet On 08/28/02  

if you are a california resident, you should consider UC Berkeley. I really think the education you get there is a bargain compared to the pricey private schools out there. I was an english major there and I loved my department. It's a large school--30,000 students--but once you find what you're into, it feels a lot smaller and more comfortable. the bay area rocks, too.
*edited to add: oops, I didn't know you're in Wisconsin. I don't know how much UC schools cost for out-of-state people.

By Martita On 08/28/02  

I always recommend Sarah Lawrence. It's a wonderful liberal arts requirements, no tests,and lots of reading a writing.

Yes, it is expensive. However, the FAFSA determines how much you (and/or your parents) can pay for college. The amount you can pay stays the same, whether you go to a private college or State U. The rest is made up in loans and grants. If you are a strong student, you are very likely to get scholarships. PLEASE DO NOT LET MONEY DETERMINE WHERE YOU APPLY!!!! Seriously. My single mom put my bro and I through private colleges at the same time and lived to tell about it.

Okay...getting off the soapbox now.

By cathgrl On 08/28/02  

Did you go to Sarah Lawrence? One of my high school best friends goes there and LOVES it :)

And to add my two cents...
I love Oklahoma State and they have a good english dept. It depends on your ultimate goal whther I would reccomend it though. And I would second the apply where you want to go not where you can afford it thing. You will be surprised by all the money that is out there :)

By Martita On 08/28/02  

cathgrl...I did go to Sarah Lawrence...and I now work there!

By brilliantine On 08/28/02  

I went to Wellesley. It's expensive, exclusive, and has a first class English program. Past professors have included Vladmir Nabokov and Robert Pinsky.

By starladear On 08/28/02  

In Iowa (not too far from Wisconsin) there is the University of Iowa, which has one of the best creative writing programs of all state schools in the US, and Grinell College, which is a private college with a good English program. UI is probably around 12,000$ including room and board, and Grinnell is probably closer to 20,000 or 25,000$. Grinnell is one of the top 10 private colleges in the country.

By lottie On 08/28/02  

i went to barnard. it's also on the exclusive and expensive side. it's supposed to have a great english program, it's pretty small but in the middle of new york city and right across from columbia university. its a women's college, which i think produced a really excellent faculty who were committed to the idea of education and not tenure and requiring their own stuff on the syllabi.

By rubysoup On 08/28/02  

I have good friends that are english majors and one went to Kenyon College in Kenyon, Ohio and ended up transferring, because it's a very small school pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but it's got a kickass english dept. She ended up transferring to Washinton University in St. Louis, MO- which is also an amazing school, both are pretty expensive. But she got Arthur Golden to write her a reccomendation, so I think that helped her out a little ;). Another friend goes to William and Mary in VA, which you might want to look into, I don't know much about it.

Good luck with the college search, let us know what you're thinking!

By lulabelle On 08/28/02  

If you want to major in English and are not focused on any specific time period, genre, writer, or critic, you'll do fine at your local state school or whatever college will offer you the best deal (i.e. financial aid package). For undergrad studies, one English program is as good as another.

For whatever it's worth, I majored in English at the University of Georgia and had a fantastic time. It was very cheap: something like $600 a quarter. Of course, this was a bazillion years ago (graduated in '91) and all my out-of-state fees were waived because my dad was stationed at Ft. Stewart.


By ai On 08/28/02  

You might want to look at Bryn Mawr and Haverford, they're very different schools in a lot of ways but all of the classes are integrated and both have good English departments so you get two (four really as you can go to Swarthmore and Penn for classes as well) for the price of one (it's expensive, but Bryn Mawr gives out quite a lot of aid). I go to Bryn Mawr, and haven't had a lot to do with the English departments, but I've had very good experiences as have my english and comparative literature major friends. The Spanish departments can occasionally be questionable but most of the other languages taught are fantastic.

By ladyjane On 08/28/02  

The Princeton Review's got their school rankings out.

Here's school rankings on their website:

Gee. Penn State in University Park is a party school. Why am I so not surprised?

By SmudgyCat On 08/28/02  

uc santa cruz has a creative writing program. people there were really into it. and the campus has 3 literary journals done by students that i know of.

i have no idea how it ranks in studies though.

if you want to keep costs down, consider doing 2 years in community college and then transferring into university. doing that might allow you to go out of state...

By joyfulgirl On 08/29/02  

If you are from CA STAY INSIDE OF THE UC SYSTEM! You will be buying one of the best university educations in the coutry (almost all UCs are in the top 50 colleges in the nation, private or otherwise). If you are sure you want to do English, over a more specific concentration, UCLA and Cal are good for that (though slightly more difficult to get into than the other UCs. Though that will change! THAT WILL CHANGE!) May I suggest my oh so wonderful but often forgotten UCSD? A somewhat science oriented university, yes, but you should see our Lit department. I'm a writing major, and can I be a bit gloating for a minute and say, it is fucking awesome. We have the most amazing faculty, including Quincy Troupe who is the first ever and current poet laureate of CA. And he is awesome. I feel very productive and happy and inspired when I'm working there as a student, and what else do you need? Oh yes, a degree.

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