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By Elf_Chick On 08/27/02  

ok, i am thoroughly confused with all the name changes of late! can we clarify?

i know:

neon_junkie --> madison
frauhoneydew --> ursonate
lizhartl --> rhinokey
jennyfeet --> cowgirly

but i'm missing like 20. who else??

-S, who just wants to make sure she knows who everyone is! {:)

By vicky_vale On 08/27/02  

I would like to know this, too.
I'm thinking about compiling all this info on a scrap of paper to keep up with things.


By seventwelve On 08/27/02  

betsylou > quixotic

By candigirl On 08/27/02  

i'm confused too, but some of the people have changed their names to avoid RL people finding them here. And i just noticed that you haven't included the person i was thinking of when i wrote that!


By vicky_vale On 08/27/02  

Wrote what Candi??
I'm confused.
Should we not mention someone?

By cleanout On 08/27/02  

i'm here, i'm just also there.

i'm athos and i'm m-grl. but i'll use the second one only on the local boards.

edited - not really m-grl, but well, you all know. ; )

By SmudgyCat On 08/27/02  

you should delete that extra name in the post athos...someone may get bored and see where else m-girl posts, and then your secret will be out.

By cleanout On 08/27/02  

ah scubaslug, you're a smart cookie.

By candigirl On 08/28/02  


Athos is who i was thinking of, but that's been sorted now. :)


By Punky Brewster On 08/27/02  

Perhaps I will just change my name to a symbol so I can be like Prince.

Perhaps this will be a good one for me: ?

By Elf_Chick On 08/27/02  

Roxanne, you crack me up. ;)


By Punky Brewster On 08/27/02  

Sorry, I will not answer to my given name anymore. I will only answer to this: ?

And by the way, I am going to name my children:

@, %, and #.

Just kidding. Ok, Ok, I'll return the thread to it's original intent. I can't help it, I'm delerious from hunger!! Off to the kitchen!!

By sobriquet On 08/27/02  

VCreate became Bumble_V.

By starxduzt On 08/27/02  

im going to be changing my name to starless_skies keep a lookout :D


**edited to add : starxduzt is now known as starless_skies**

By mishymisu On 08/28/02  

I'm gonna change my name from mishymisu to isumishy, just to be one of the crowd! oh yes, then you will like me....

Punky, you can't have ?, my gothic brother already uses that all over the net and I just bet he'd sit in a corner and get all existential on me if you took it away from him. Man oh man, you don't wanna make skinny goth boys go existential on you. The moody horror!

By starxduzt On 08/28/02  

I have to say hahaha to mishy and to punky...didnt see what she said earlier...and we already like you mishy! :)

By quixotic. On 08/28/02  

there has been alot of name-changing going on as of late. i was out one night and someone came up and said she had found me on glitter, due to my obvious choice in 'glitter name.' that was cool and all, but i don't always want to be so easily found...


By cowgirly On 08/28/02  

Not to be extra-paranoid..because I'm not, really...but the more often our old names are posted on Glitter, the longer they'll survive in the Search function. And when our old names are posted alongside our new names, well, the less point there is to having changed names at all.

cg aka jf

By bitzabella On 08/28/02  

ShabbyChick now Bitzabella. Not for hiding purposes. I just switched my email address and it was easier to register with a corresponding name.

By puffgirl On 08/28/02  

i think about hanging my screen name for security reasons too. it sucks cuz i really like puffgirl!

By hovercraft On 08/28/02  

I didn't change my name, but I am starting to post again after a 3 month absence ... though I was by no means a fervent poster to begin with. I was in Brazil teaching English, and the internet isn't so good down there. So, hi again ... here I am!


By puffgirl On 08/28/02  

you're back! you're back! you're back!
i'm going to write you this week!

By cathgrl On 08/28/02  

not to add to the online paranoia----

but I just checked and when I put my old screenname from here into the lycos search engine, it pulled up my old glitter posts!!!
didn't bring anything up on google though..

gotta say as someone that has been dealing with a bit of online stalking with real life consequences ... this is seriously freaking me out.

c-athgrl(formerly another name that she is too terrified to type for fear of someone seeing it and typing it into lycos....)

By cathgrl On 08/28/02  

while I am at it....
I really miss thanrose...I know that isn't really the topic of this whole thing, but I believe that there has been a void in glitter where she used to be. I miss her wisdom and consideration and if you are lurking I hope you are ok :)
You might not know who this is, becaus eyou may be unaware of my new glitter screenname, but...I have been on glitter for a while, I go through posting spasms, and i used to want to be a vet, but I now think (and you agreed) that if I chose tat career I would be an emotional wreck! :)
I really do pray for you and I hope all is well.

By peanut On 08/28/02  

hey, i hadn't even thought about things coming up on search engines. so i got all worried and i tried typing 'peanut' into search engines, and it came back with stuff about peanuts! duh.

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