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By girl16 On 08/27/02  

does anyone attend this school or is thinking about it? i kind of want to go there among other UC' if anyone knows info email me at'd really appreciate that..thanks...late

By joyfulgirl On 08/27/02  

Hi, I'm actually a UCSD student, but I have some friends at UC Davis. I was myself considering going to UC Davis. What sort of questions do you have? I could give you their email addresses if I can't answer your questions, but if they are general UC questions, I'm your lady.

By girl16 On 08/27/02  

hey...well thanks for it all ladies...i have just general questions for uc davis..if i could get those emails taht'd be so great...thanks a bunch!i'm not to sure....but is it a good school for journalism?

By DolceVita1 On 08/27/02  

I grew up in N. Cali and spent a lot of time in the Davis area - I really love that town. Wanted to go to UC Davis but ended up at Cal. State Sacramento. Long story. Anyway, I have a bunch of friends who went there and are going there. It's an excellent school. Its main focus is agricultural studies. What is your major? I personally would choose Berkeley out of all of the UCs to attend, but that's because of what I would get my degree in (Anthropology). If you would be moving to attend the school, you should pick a UC based on your major - different schools excel at different things. :)

By joyfulgirl On 08/29/02  

FOR JOURNALISM, GO TO UCSD! Our Literature and Writing major is one of a kind, really really inspiring and enjoyable and enriching and different. If you end up applying, go visit Prof John Granger or Prof Quincy Troupe when you go. They will be able to talk up a storm about applying the major to journalism (both are wonderful free lance writers, as well as poets and GREAT men)

By girl16 On 08/29/02  

hey...joyful girl thanks! i actually went to the site and the school looks so awesome...i think i may be applying to ucsd because it does look like a great still applying to ucdavis also...can't help but to want to go there...but thanks for the tips!!!

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