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By seventwelve On 08/27/02  

I'm going to the doc on Thursday, but I thought in the meantime, somebody might have a thought.

For over a month, I've been having a sharp pain on my right side. It's just a bit to the left of my right hipbone. (Not to be crude, but sort of directly between hipbone and hairline.) It's always the same spot, but there doesn't seem to be anything in particular that causes it. It happens almost every day at some point during the day and last anywhere from a few seconds to 10 minutes or more.

Any ideas?

By Hester On 08/27/02  

Not to sound scary, but it sounds like an ovary issue. Could you have a cyst? Where are you in your cycle?

By seventwelve On 08/27/02  

That's what I wondered. The pin's been there through at least two cycles (I said a month, but I'm pretty sure it's been longer, just not as often) and doesn't change at any particular part. I'm on the pill.

By UnsafeBuilding On 08/27/02  

That doesn't sound good...I would have suggested doctor, but as you're going already...


*Hunts in stash, hands over wuzzled's favorite*

By Coleenie On 08/27/02  

sounds just like a cyst. think it hurts now? wait till it pops. *_* now THATS pain. best thing I've found is a heating pad. just sit back and watch tv or read. standing and moving a lot can just make it hurt more.

good luck!


By jtsang On 08/27/02  

I don't know what it is but I just thought I'd say good for you for going to the doctor! I hope you feel better!

By candigirl On 08/27/02  


I really hope that it is not a cyst, because they are very painful - voice of experience. Good luck with the doctor anyway!


By charming_cat On 08/28/02  

sounds like it could be endometriosis. i've had problems with it, and the spot i had the most pain was with my right ovary and tube. it was hell at one time.

pain can be sharp or dull, it varies. pain is most common in pelvic area, although it can be elsewhere too. a couple of other signs of endo are painful periods & pain with sex.

take a look at this site -- the endometriosis assn. -- they can explain it better than i can --

hope this helps -- but i hope it's not what you have! sending feeling better thoughts.


By RetroDame On 08/28/02  

I have ovarian cysts. I get the pains on one or both sides, usually when I am ovulating. It is always a sharp, specific pain. And, oh boy, does it hurt when they burst.

My doctor put me on the pill to prevent them, but I didn't feel any better, and stopped taking them.

Caffeine exacerbates cysts, so if you consume a lot of it, you may want to cut it out. (I haven't managed to yet, but I should.)

Good luck at the doctor tomorrow!


By butterflytwish On 08/28/02  

i agree with everybody who's chimed in does sound like an ovary or something else in that general area.

i had an ovarian cyst in 1995, and had to have surgery for it. i didn't ever feel any pain until it burst, which actually happened before my surgery, and even then it wasn't bad. but they did find endometriosis when they went in for a look-see.

then, the whole ectopic pregnancy thing happened to me this summer, on the other side, and i had to have the fallopian tube totally removed on that side. after the surgery, when things in my abdominal cavity were healing and whatnot, i could feel spasms in the exact spot you describe.

i guess what i am trying to get at is...DEFINATELY do something about potential problems with your female organs, or you might end up like me, who's fertility is half gone, and who might never, ever be able to have children (yeah, i am a scared and sad girl).

better to know now and be able to do something about what ails you. good luck, and i hope it turns out to be nothing serious.


By britchic On 08/28/02  

i've got nothing to add except I hope you feel better, and hope it turns out to be nothing serious. Glad you are checking it out, unlike me who usually ignores these things and hopes they will go away.

By bunny On 08/28/02  

i hope it's nothing too awful, or awful at all for that matter, and they have you feeling spiffy in a jiffy!

By Tigrrrl On 08/30/02  


wuzzled, how did the dr's visit go? It's kind of alarming to not see your name on the first page of threads on a weekday!

By seventwelve On 08/30/02  

Thanks for all the support (and for noticing my general absence :-)).

Doc yesterday - She didn't seem all too alarmed about the pain and said that it shouldn't be cysts since I'm on the pill. But there was also a trend of rising BBT during certain visits, so I'm going to track it next month and see if it looks like I'm ovulating anyway.

There were other probs down there for her to be more concerned about - did you know that there is physical therapy for your tooty? I didn't until yesterday! (Sorry, that may be TMI.) From what I read online, this structural issue may be thanks to 18 years of ballet. I have a follow-up with her in a month.

In other news, I'm having wrist pain, and she said that knitting is bad and to cut back!!! AAAHHHH!

By jtsang On 08/30/02  

good to hear you're ok, take a break from the knitting, and the typing every once in a while to stretch, carpal tunnel is no one's friend :(

By jessy pie On 08/30/02  

psst, tricia, i am reading woman: an intimate geography right now and one neat passage may be of interest to you.

she says that fallopian tubes are not actually attached to their ovary, and that if something happens to one tube the other can actually bend across and get an egg from the other ovary. here is the quote: "although each tube generally attends to the ovary closest to it, one tube can, if necessary, reach across the pelvic cavity to finger the opposite ovary. ... the opposite tube takes up the task of monitoring and snuffling the surface of both ovaries. and when the selected egg is ready, on one ovary or the other, the lone mobile tube will be there to catch it." (that is on page 181 of the 2000 edition of the book.)

so as long as both of your ovaries are still functional, you may not be operating at just 50%, assuming what natalie angier says is right... thought you might like to read that.


By Lacey On 08/30/02  

hey wuzzled
ask your doc if it's an infected gland. i was having really sharp pains right where yu were describing and i decided it had to be either an ovary problem or a hernia
i was told that if I went on antbiotics and the pain went away in a few days that it was probably a gland. it soudns silly....but those glands are painful!!! I was also told not too shave down there for a while because it irritatest the gland and can infect it more.
try that?

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