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By Melynn On 08/25/02  

Everyone is so nice-the last time I posted about my bad day everyone was so great-Thank you!
Well, it did get worse before it got better. The wheel actually fell off my car (the bolts decided to break off) No one was hurt *thankfully*, the same day that my water heater sprung a leak.
But then things started looking up...somehow. I just decided I wasn't going to sit around and think of all the bad things that were happening instead, I made myself sit down and think happy thoughts. I think everyone needs to do that once in awhile. The *no matter how bad it gets, no one can take it away thoughts*
So here are some of mine...I get up every morning to pack my husbands lunch every morning, I go back to bed when I'm done and lay on his side of the bed while its still warm from him and his pillow smells just like him. I love that-no one can take that away from me.
I have 3 kids that give me hugs and kisses everyday and tell them that they love me. No one can take them.
I have 2 of the greatest nephews on the face of the earth-the 9 month old I got to keep overnight Sat night, which was great. And no one can take them from me.
Those are just some of the things that I love that make me happy to think about.
What does everyone else have-I garauntee that if you think of them, you feel so good!

By becca_13 On 08/25/02  

you are such an amazing lady....

By Melynn On 08/31/02  

Ooooohhh, I hope you meant that in a good way!
Thank you!

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