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By lex On 08/22/02  

Hello all,
I will be heading to Ottawa and then to Indonesia for six months for my internship. I'm going to miss you ladies a lot, and just wanted to say so. I will probably be able to check in a little, but nowhere near as frequently.

Take care and hope to keep in touch,


By danielepea On 08/22/02  

Aw. Have a great time! And make sure to tell us all about you adventures when you get the chance. Take care. ;o)

By jtsang On 08/22/02  

goodbye lex, you will be missed. Be sure to update us about indonesia when you return!

By cleanout On 08/22/02  

take good care, sweetheart!

By farce On 08/22/02  

I hope you have a wonderful experiance.

By becca_13 On 08/22/02  

have an amazing time and keep us updated!

By Martita On 08/22/02  

Bye Lex! Take care of yourself and have a great time!

By stellarfluff On 08/22/02  

wow have a great time!!!!!

By quixotic. On 08/22/02  

have fun! stay safe! and don't forget to take *lots* of pictures! (and to write about it, too!)

take care,

By meadow On 08/22/02  

oh my have fun! and be safe!
we'll miss ya! <3<3

By siwrl On 08/22/02  

Have fun and take care!


By alexeye On 08/22/02  

bye, lex! i'll miss you! have an amazing time, and take care of yourself over there!

By cowgirly On 08/22/02  

wowee! Have a great experience, check in when you can. :) What fun!


By ladyjane On 08/22/02  

bye lex! Keep writing!


(cool...journalling from indonesia. neato.)

By monkey_thoughts On 08/22/02  

Wow, have a great time. I hope that you are able to post from time to time and brag about how great it is going.

Will - who never goes anywhere

By jo On 08/22/02  

Selamat jalan!!!
(Goodbye in Indonesian, said to the person who is leaving)
Have an awesome time lex, I'm sooo jealous! (Studied Indonesian for 5 years in high school)

By cyan On 08/22/02  

I'm sure you'll have a great time!
Have fun!


By Bizwitch On 08/22/02  

have a great time and be safe! we'll miss you sooo much! please check in now and then and tell us you're still alive if you can. you know we'll worry... :) ((((BIG HUGS))))


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