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By sparkle7 On 08/22/02  

I don't mean to be whiny, but here goes. I graduated from college in May w/ a crappy major. Now I'm working at an office. It's day 2 and I'm miserable but I need the money to pay bills. I'm a frustrated artist.
I would rather have a versatile job ex. yoga instructor (requires certification), tutor, etc... Do you have any ideas on what jobs can I work freelance?

By lindastar On 08/22/02  

if you were in NY i'd trade you.

i have a "flexible job"-- so flexible that i only had about 10 hours of work this week.... which is really really horrible and i try not to think about it. the grass never greener on the other side of the fence.

but,.. give your job a few weeks, cause starting usually sucks no matter what.

as for freelance: graphic design, copywriter, editor, etc. once again- no money. no money makes me more miserable than having to paint at random hours.

sorry to be a downer (sincerely, i am). good luck!!

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