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By seventwelve On 08/22/02  

Ewan McGregor was ugly naked guy on Friends! Lemme just say, I have a picture of Ewan naked from a British Cosmo, and it isn't at all ugly!

From imdb:

"one with the fat ugly naked guy, The" (ep. #2.46) 1995
Ewan McGregor .... Ugly Naked Guy

By glitterfairy13 On 08/22/02  

What?!?!? How is that possible?? He's certainly not ugly... or fat either! I'm very confused now...

By bunny On 08/22/02  

what? i didn't think they ever showed ugly naked guy.

wait wasn't there an episode where he came back after moving and he had lost weight?

ross went to the apartment once to try and lease it and maybe they showed his naked back? hmmm

By NotSoSupergirl On 08/22/02  

i didnt know that either!

i practically passed out from his way too brief nudity in Trainspotting.

that is a gorgeous man.

By danielepea On 08/22/02  

To be redundant: He was!!??

I was completely not aware of that fact. I always thought that they never showed Ugly Naked Guy. That episode where he comes back sounds a bit familiar, but I'm not sure. I must watch my Friends reruns more closely. I am such a bad girlfriend for not having noticed before. ;o)

By topaz On 08/22/02  

Wasn't there an episode where Ross tries to chum him up in order to buy his apartment? And he makes Ross get naked, too? And at first he tries to bribe him with mini-muffins?

By kazoogrrl On 08/22/02  

NotSoSupergirl - Then you need to check out "The Pillow Book". It's all Ewan, all over that movie. Yeow!

By lulabelle On 08/22/02  

That smacks of urban myth to me. They never showed Ugly Naked Guy--that was the whole schitck.

Remember in that fashback episode when Phoebe said, "Cute naked guy seems to be putting on weight?"

Refer to "The Pillow Book" for all the full-frontal Ewan you can hope to get in this lifetime.


By bluejay On 08/22/02  

he's also very lovely rock star naked in The Velvet Goldmine. yum, yum, yum. (bluejay starts to drool like homer simpson over a box of donuts.)

We should change the name of this thread to naked Ewan. or just compile a list.


By alexeye On 08/22/02  

gals, that would be a long, long list. that boy loves to get nekkid.


By quixotic. On 08/22/02  

hee. sorry.

By seventwelve On 08/22/02  

This is the ugly naked guy I remember seeing, and it isn't Ewan, but he's definitely the one credited on IMDB, which I've always trusted.

My only theory is that he's the one whose side you see through the window. Or IMDB's wrong. Which would make me very sad.

By monkey_thoughts On 08/22/02  

* double post from shock.

By monkey_thoughts On 08/22/02  

No Way, he was supposed to be fat. And Old. Remember they thought he died from a hear attack and took all the chopsticks and poked him with them.

Ewan, no way, what episode did they say that.

Favorite episode of ER - Ewan - made me cry buckets, probably because he did not get naked.

By bunny On 08/22/02  

so it wasn't him.

but the episode where ross tries to get the apartment is on right now. how funny is that? small small glittery world.

By bunny On 08/22/02  

okay so they just showed ugly naked guy and there's no way in hell that that is ewan. i've seen velvet goldmine far too many times. and yeah it's pretty obvious anyway.

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