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By grayseed On 08/22/02  

i just got back from the dentist, the first time i've been in four years. i know that sounds like a terribly long time, but that's what happens when you dont have insurance and don't have any urgent problems with your teeth.
(i went now because i'm living in germany, and i have the required student insurance that covers practically everything i can think of, so i'm using it to my advantage before i go back home.)
the thing with my teeth is that i have what i lovingly call my "fang" - an eyetooth that grew in in front of my regular teeth on my upper jaw. you can see it if i smile, i sometimes use it to impress people. heheh
but when i got to the dentist... she put the mirror into my mouth and was like "oh my god, what is that??" and i was sure that there was some giant cavity there or something, but she just meant my fang and my very crooked front lower teeth.
she seemed very puzzled that no one had ever sent me to get it fixed (but i didnt feel like going into the fact that i dont normally have dental insurance) and she said that such teeth are normally corrected before people are 18, and insurance only covers the dental surgery until then. and i'm 20.
plus side of that was that i only had one cavity to be filled after 4 years of no dentist visits. *kisses toothbrush*
but yeah... i just feel like a toothy freak right now. :(

By SublimeStitcher On 08/22/02  

my husband finds that crooked 'fang' thing very sexy. I think a lot of guys like not-so-perfect teeth. Great examples of 'fangs': Cher (before she changed them) and Patricia Arquette.

I sucked my thumb until I was TEN. I had an enormous gap between my front teeth, a huge overbite, and my buck-chompers were pointing in different directions. When I was in fourth grade, the day of class pictures, my mother actually asked me if I could try to keep my teeth in my mouth when I smiled. No mom, I couldn't.

My brothers called me "greeble teeth".

Now my teeth are really straight, but I still have an overbite. My lower teeth are getting crowded and all fucked up. When I laugh, you can see one tooth sticking up like Sarge from Beetle Bailey. Okay, maybe not quite.

I'm awfully post-happy today.

By grayseed On 08/22/02  

oh man, the Sarge tooth is giving me such a great mental image :)

By farce On 08/22/02  

I have seriously the most ridiculously crooked teeth ever. I have fangs. which constantly cut into my lips. I never had dental insurance when i was young or even now. So I only went for cleanings and never had them straitened. I love my teeth they are fucked up but I wouldnt change them.

By XoeCraft On 08/22/02  

My teeth were always straight and perfect, and I was pretty proud of that fact. But, when I was in Holland, I got into a bicycle accident and slammed my face into the sidewalk. I felt my teeth shatter. Because of the pretty bad pain, I went to the dentist in Holland. My friend translated for me the fact that I was American and didn't have insurance. They had never heard of anyone not having insurance! HA! I paid to have a root canal on the one that needed it, and he put some sealant over the others. My top front teeth SERIOUSLY broken. And it was kind of a cute break, I mean it made a graceful little arc, with one tooth coming down to a jagged peak. I didn't really mind it; but when I was briefly on welfare and had dental insurance, I got them "fixed". Welfare dentists are not known for their expertise, and this one was no exception. He did a horrible, non-matching bonding job on 2 of them and the one that was smallest, but nicely rounded off was left on its own. I liked them better broken, and feel like these horrible teeth sometimes stop me from getting a better job. So, anyway, don't feel alone in the wonky teeth club.

Did anyone ever see the movie "Eversmile New Jersey" It's about a crazy dentist played by Daniel Day Lewis. Highly recommended.


By robotgirl On 08/22/02  

i think wonky teeth are adorable. i used to have crooked teeth, and an overbite, so i got braces, and now my jaw is all messed up and i still have crazy bite problems. i recently started seeing a new dentist and he started going off on un-needed orthadontist proceedures and how now i was all messed up and blah blah blah. point is, unless you are in pain or it is ruining your quality of life, don't worry about it!

By violet On 08/22/02  

i have a very small jaw and even after getting 8 teeth out, 2 more are growing in and making my bottom teeth look even worse. i have a bunch turned sideways and one is halfway under another one. ugh.

but it's not something i worry about. in the sceme of things, straight teeth arn't important. what's important is that you dont have lots of cavities & have good strong teeth.

By kazoogrrl On 08/22/02  

I have not been to the dentist in 6 years - no insurance will do that to a person.

I KNOW that when I go in I am going to get in big trouble for my tongue piercing - I think it's erroded the gum behind my front teeth. So I'm enjoying it until I have to take it out. With my luck I'll have a bridge there by the time I'm 30.

But I must credit my teeth to my lovely orthodontist. Now if i just got them whitened.

By Astoria On 08/22/02  

Yeah I have a fang thing going on and slight buck teeth, and an overbite, but it's not too bad. What I think is weird is I have a bunch of baby teeth still I just never got adult teeth it is one of those things where you go to the dentest and you here, "oh this is interesting you don't see this often" I totaly understand not going to the dentest in 4 years I went of the first time in about that long in Febuary, you got off lucky i had 5 cavitys, and the novacane wore off ouch that hurts bad!

By samson On 08/22/02  

God. I'm in the same situation as robotgirl. I had braces for almost 5 years, a palate expander!?, headgear, rubberbands in an X across the front of my mouth!, and all kinds of other crap.

Now my teeth are straight (on top) and I have to have surgery for really bad TMJ at some point, which I am putting off. The surgeon has told me it was pretty much caused by all the orthodontia I had. :(

Oh yeah, and I also think crooked teeth are sexy. My guy wants to get his fixed and that makes me kinda sad. A good friend of mine has two fangs and they are the cutest damn things in the world!


By windowshopper On 08/22/02  

don't let them make you feel bad!
it's character and they're brainwashed.

ps. i got my book! i love it.
email me with my total!

By meadow On 08/22/02  

yeah violet is right. my teeth are fine (except the ones i grind), no cavities nothing but i would be considered to have wonky teeth! ive grown to love my bottom teeth which go everyway but straight. hey, i have gay teeth! weee.
but i think funky teeth are kinda endearing. yup.

By grayseed On 08/22/02  

i feel so much wonky solidarity!
haha leave it to glitter to be able to form a support group for teeth ;)

ooh and windowshopper, im so glad you like it :) im emailing you now

By est On 08/22/02  


By kittythedog On 08/22/02  

Dentists are brainwashers. It's silly to have your snaggletooth fixed if it's unnecessary. I think they're cute! My husband has a chipped front tooth that is absolutely adorable, and dentists are always offering to "fix" it. Hmph.

Est-- If you want braces, do it now! Lots of adults have braces. Even Tom Cruise has braces! My stripper friend had braces and nobody seemed to be discouraged from thinking she was pretty. I bet you can get the clear ones.


By est On 08/22/02  

Actually, I asked the ortho about the clear ones, I figured they wouldn't be that bad, but he said that I couldn't get them. They usually only use them for very minor problems. That, and they're double what regular braces cost (I think they cost over $6000).

By glamarama On 08/22/02  

You don't want clear braces - they turn all yellow and icky and end up looking worse than silver ones!

By starladear On 08/22/02  

i finally went back to the dentist a year ago after not having insurance for 4 1/2 years.
i seriously lucked out in that i found a completely awesome dentist. i had traumatic dentist experiences when i was younger and developed a deathly fear of all things dental.
but my teeth needed cleaning and hurt all the time, so i sucked it up and went. i had to get 2 cavaties re-filled, and 4 new ones filled. the most painful part is the bill!
now my big thing is that i have to get my wisdom teeth pulled, which i am PETRIFIED of doing. absolutely deathly afriad. and also afraid of paying for it!
growing up i was lucky, i never needed braces.
now my bottom teeth are slightly crowded because of my wisdom teeth, but my dentist said they should correct themselves once i get the wisdom teeth out.
i only have one wisdom tooth on top, but it has moved a couple of my front teeth (the ones right next to my two front teeth on either side) very slightly out. its not even noticeable from the front, but from the side it is. im super self-conscious of it, but ive had a few people tell me its "cute".
kirsten dunst is another example of someone with "fangs". lauren hutton has a gap. jewel has messed up teeth although she HAS gotten them fixed a bit. gwen stefani had braces on about a year ago and shes the coolest!

By starladear On 08/22/02  

one more thing, please please please do not post wisdom teeth horror stories!!! i am begging you.

By glamarama On 08/22/02  

I had my wisdom teeth out and it was the easiest thing in the world. They were even impacted and had to be drilled out... but nitrus oxide is a beautiful thing. I wish I had more wisdom teeth to have removed.

By lindastar On 08/22/02  

i had a fang tooth, and lots and lots of braces. and it hurt like a bitch. i can tell my fang tooth still likes to turn sideways to remind me, but its happy in its new situation.

congrats on only a cavity! v. v. good for you!

don't worry about feeling freakish. they always freak out about my gums, which yes, are slightly puffy, because i am a mouth breather, so CALM DOWN. :)

i also had a dentist ask me where i went to school, i named my university, she said "oh god, i though tyou were in middle school." AFTER I clearly stated that I was in college. Please, keep your shock to yourself! sheesh! (i know i know, when i'm 40, i'll appreciate looking 12.)

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