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By greengirl On 08/21/02  

I realise there are usually a lot of threads like this floating around, but i cant find quite what i am looking for. I remember the comments of someone on this board about cetaphil (is that what it is called). I sawe it the other day for the first time here in NZ and i was wondering if it would be any good for my skin, as i am sick of what i have at the moment (what i have now used to be good, but i suspect my skin is becomming resistant to it or something).
My skin gets a fair amount of blemishes, pimples etc, but not enough to go on any prescribed medication. Yet recently it has been really flaky and kind of dry arounf my nose, chin, and forehead (exactly where it usually is a bit oily).

So, what is this product like? I dont want to buy it without finding out a little about it as it costs a bit more than what i usually buy.

By Elf_Chick On 08/21/02  

i use cetaphil for oily, sometimes blemishy skin and it works really well. i do get the occasional pimple, but it's not as bad as before and also the texture of my skin seems better.

the only thing that's kind of weird about it is that it doesn't really lather much at all, but that's not a huge problem...

my friend who owns a spa and gives facials for a living is the one who told me about it, and she reccommends it as a professional. it works well, and it's not expensive.

hope that helps! :)


By mystril On 08/21/02  

I think a lot of dermatologists recommend it as well for sensitive and problem skin.

By jaimek On 08/21/02  

I get some pretty bad break outs around that time of the month and I just recently (past 3 months) switched from using proactiv solution to cetaphil... and it works great... also about three times a week I mix a little bit of baking soda in it to exfoliate... and when I have a break out, I actually exfoliate a little bit more before I use any zit cream.
Check out >

This is the woman who makes "Paula's Choice" stuff, which I never used, but what's good about this site is that she recommends other products and methods in addition to her own products.

By jodysomething On 08/21/02  

yay, another Paula disciple!

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