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By heathertea On 08/21/02  

my boy and I spend a lot of time together. we both work at the same company (though in different departments, so we only see each other at lunch for about 15 minutes during the day) and live together. we have the same days off and work the same hours. we hang out with each other mostly on weekends and after work, we don't normally go off and do our own thing... this is mainly because a lot of stuff I used to do alone (shopping etc) he likes to do too.

in some ways I totally love this. I really love the guy and I'm not getting sick of him, even after spending so much time with him (we've been together a little more than 8 months). I don't think he's getting sick of me either... which is always good. =)

but the problem is this: we never spend "quality time" together. no time to concentrate on our relationship or do anything romantic.

we don't go out on planned dates and we share a house with another couple, so we don't really have romantic nights alone at home. it's like we spend so much regular time together that neither of us ever thinks about planning special time to spend together, just us alone, concentrating on each other (not the TV, or a book, or the computer, which we tend to do when we're at home together).

I don't know if his previous relationships have been like this (the only ex of his that I know is a bump-on-a-long, she never wants to do ANYthing, so I don't think they went out much), but mine have been. I've never been involved with a guy who was romantic (or that I like as much as I like my current boy), so I've never really felt inspired to do something special and romantic with them.

Either way, I feel weird suggesting to him that we spend time together, since we DO spend tons of time together. And I also don't even really have any ideas of romantic stuff we can do together, without spending lots of money all the time... and I want to have something in mind when I suggest to him that we have a "date."

So, what do you guys do with your significant others when you want to spend some romantic time together? Any ideas of something romantic that doesn't involve staying at home or going to the movies? I cook him dinner almost every night, so that has ceased being romantic. =)

By puffgirl On 08/21/02  

do to him what you want done to you.
pack a romantic lunch and go to the park or beach on a sunday.
have a spa day with him at home. you can make scrubs, etc. and give eachother massages. my man loves getting pedicures sans the nailpolish. the color doesn't bother him he just doesn't want to get made fun of at the job site.
my sister and her husband take classes together. pottery, ballroom dancing. i think those things are romantic. they are also learning another language together. how cool!
go for walks or hiking. those are great ways to be alone without concentrating on the tv/computer. my bf and i go for walks sometimes. its really nice. we talk about things we don't after work in front of the tv. damn that cable! :)

By Bizwitch On 08/21/02  

wow, sounds like us. we've been together over 3 years though, and still aren't sick of each other. :) we also work together (it's just us and his parents in our company), although i only work 2 or 3 days a week. which is good, since it gives me time to run errands, clean house and do whatever i want on my own. ummmm... i'm trying to think of stuff to do. i mean, we're REALLY like you both, and don't do lots of romantic stuff.

i know that going out to eat is a money thing, but we like to go to a relatively cheap mexican place by ourselves sometimes. often when we go out to eat (or to a movie) we go with other people, and thus it becomes a social outing. so it seems sort of special to blow off everyone and get all dolled up and go eat or catch a flick.

if you have the time, take a long drive to somewhere (a scenic spot, a cool shop, a tour of something like an old building or caves or whatever, even a nice restaurant you've never been to). be a tourist in your own state (you *are* in the US, right?) look up free/cheap touristy stuff to do and pick a day to go. i find that we always end up having the coolest discussions in the car for a few hours. if we're just driving somewhere in town we end up talking about mundane stuff or listening to music.

or even be a tourist in your own town (provided it's somewhere with a bit of culture and not bumblefucknowhere like my town). find out when plays and local concerts are. they're usually quite cheap and generally more enjoyable than you might expect.

holding hands and taking a walk together can be nice.

play a board game. it's better than doing nothing, and can be fun, despite it's stigma of being totally dorky.

might not be your thing, but playing video games together can be fun. we're big gamer dorks, and our systems are lanned, so we play against each other a lot. i really love playing co-operative though, which is playing a game and being on the same side. it's nice to have a common goal, even if it's "blow up everything that moves". :)

listen to the radio and make up new lyrics together. cute ones about each other are fun. or turn down the tv volume and make up new dialogue. especially effective with the news.

sorry i can't think of anything more. if i do, i'll be sure to post it. good luck!


By chickaroo On 08/21/02  

heheeee... that's so cute! It sounds just like me and my boy,except we dont' work together, we go to school together and our classes just happend to be basically at the exact same times except for one. But even still, we spend a lot of time together, but it always seems 'quality love time' to me.
I just think everything is so romantic, my boy plays guitar so sometimes if we are lying around or in bed i'll ask him to play me a song and that *always* gets things started, all the luvly luvey feelings if you know what i mean.
I'd have to say the two best romantic things we do for each other are having spontaneous dates, like really rare cuz we are so poor but we are close to st. louis so sometimes we'll go find a fountain downtown and sit and talk or walk at night, that is really our 'thing' ...heee fountains.
And we buy/make little things for each other now and then, it doesn't seem to ever be planned thought, its like we'll just see something and think of hte other person or know that they've really been wanting this one certain thing ( for me it was the last harry potter book heee....) and we'll get it for each other, or get ideas and make things for each other just because. Right now I have this idea to make him a binder sort of thing and put music paper in it and those page protector sheets cuz he is constantly writing songs and things on random paper and it just lies around or sometimes he'll forget to write the chords down that he was thinking of or whatever and he'll have just the lyrics, so i want to give him something where he can have it all in one place hopefully! heee... butjustlittle things like that, that are really thoughtful!
Oh i just have to add two more thingsi thought of. Another thing that is really nice for us is to go to Botanical Gardens, i don't know if there is one near you or if its a little drive away, just go someday and bring food to eat later in the day! its the best! so romantic!

and the best thing........ is going on vacations together!!!!! its like the most supreme best thing ever. We just got back from a week in Boston and New York, we both have friends up there we stayed with and got to see but we also got to be with each other like constantly and it was so nice not to be working or in school that week, andjust enjoying everything and each other. Me and my boy have been together a year and 8 months or so and we are so not sick of each other and see each other all the time! Isn't it so great when you find a person that just compliments you so perfectly! ;)

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