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By seventwelve On 08/21/02  

I have a friend who is turning 30, and I don't know what to get her. This is the same friend who did not consider my framed art a wedding present, so I'm reluctant on craftiness, which normally would rock. However, more recently, she has told a random waitress that I'm an artist and after I gave her a quilt as a bridesmaid gift, she bought a sewing machine and started quilting.

Crafty or no? Buy? What to buy, what to make? Augh, I don't know!

By puffgirl On 08/21/02  

buy her some craft books and/or supplies.

By starfish On 08/21/02  

I would go in between made & bought & buy her one of those gift packages from LUSH. Someone made them, just not you. And they seem fancy, which I think is important to her. (from previous threads)

By DolceVita1 On 08/21/02  

I think starfish is onto something - I love putting baskets together for friends and they LOVE it. When a good friend of mine graduated from law school I put together a big basket of all sorts of special stuff like yummy shampoos, conditioners, body scrubs, lotions, lipsglosses, candles, etc., and a note that said something to the effect of "you've worked really hard, now relax and enjoy yourself!" She LOVED it. :) You could buy one from LUSH or put one together with all kinds of goodies you think she might like. You could also put homemade lipbalms and stuff in there too.

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