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By kazoogrrl On 08/21/02  

My boy asked if he could get on the boards, but I told him I preferred he did not, since this is my online "home."

He said he asked because he loves to hear about the discussions we have, and would like to find a place online to have actual interesting conversations, as opposed to dealing with posturing BS.

Does anyone know of such a place online? He's not looking for a guys only space, necessarily. Just a place to talk to interesting and intelligent people. He works in tech, so he has a lot of time to mess around at work, and I think ICQ looses it's charm on occasion.


By starfish On 08/21/02  

He should go to It's a good board. It's pretty fast though. I mean people are lightening quick with their responses. Glitter's fast too, but I think that is because there are so many of us.

I like xeney. I would probably spend more time there if glitter didn't rock so hard.

By elemental On 08/21/02  

A while ago someone mentioned that OpenForum on was a glitter-ish tech-guy board - and they were right! I occasionally lurk over there on "The Lounge", "The Soapbox", and "The Velvet Room"...some of the threads are hysterical.

***edit to add***
here's a good example:>

By jo On 08/21/02  

The boards at are really nice. In know there are some glitter girls who post there too.
I post there even more rarely then I post here!
There's quite a few guys too. Plus they are also DIY orientated, my biased opinion is that it brings out nice people :)

By azeo On 08/22/02  

he could try - it's my online place of choice. you have to register (free) before you can even see what it's like, though.

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