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By alexeye On 08/21/02  

there's been quite a bit of interest in the treasure hunt moon5280 proposed last week. she and i put our heads together last night, compiling a list of items to be hunted from your suggestions as well as our own ideas. but first, some guidelines:

* the deadline to sign up for the treasure hunt is this friday, august 23rd.

* if you have already emailed moon with your information, you do not have to email us again: you are already signed up for the treasure hunt. if you want to withdraw from the hunt, please email moon or myself.

* if you have not already done so, you must email me or moon to sign up for the hunt. my email is, hers is

* you do not have to send in any money for the swap. just send us your developed photos (or a disk, if you're a digi-gal), and your return address for the completed zine.

* early next week, we will email all you glitter gals with final instructions.

and here's the list! pick 15 of the following 25ish items for your hunt. the only manditory piece of treasure is the first one, the picture that represents you.
* photo of yourself/body part/representation
* main st.
* adult bookstore & etc.
* at least 4 different signs in a language other than english (you foreign gals can get real creative with this!)
* mural
* two independent streets adding up to one famous name
* mcdonald's
* bail bonds establishment
* any sign with incorrect spelling/punctuation
* any place where music is performed
* view out of any window where you live
* liquor store (bonus points for 24 hours!)
* waiter/delivery person (remember to ask people for permission!)
* coolest/scariest house you can find
* interesting fountain
* celebrity look-alike
* neon sign
* funny business sign
* art car(s)
* tattoo parlor
* frozen food at the grocery
* funkiest yard
* tourists
* public transit areas/vehicles
* your favorite view

whew! i think that's it. if we've forgotten anything, just let us know!


By PL_SausageQueen On 08/21/02  


By MissMoi On 08/21/02  


By alexeye On 08/22/02  

y'all got one more day!

By belden On 08/23/02  


By alexeye On 09/13/02  

remember, you have one week left to get your pictures in (that is, if you want us to get this done any time in the coming century)!

By XoeCraft On 09/13/02  

uh-oh! I'd better get my film developed this week-end.


By monkey_thoughts On 09/13/02  

Thanks for the reminder *bump*

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