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By a-monroe On 08/19/02  

i'm so fucking pissed right now i just have to vent. my bf calls from work around 4 to say that his landlord just called and said she needed to come by at 6 with a handyman to fix any problems in the apt. cos she has a city inspection next week. despite his knowledge of landlord-tennent law he says "sure". so 24 hrs notice becomes 2.

the worst part is that he says he won't be home till 7. leaving me to deal with the greedy bitch landlord and our disaster of an apartment when i had planned for the day was to stay in my jammies and rest to try to get over the flu.

some background on the landbitch: there are serious plumbing issues in the building that she never fixes. when things start to flood she simply turns off the water and has it patched. this includes the times it was off for 12 hours cos she was too cheap to get a plumber out at night. there are some nasty holes and cracks in the walls and the cabinet doors do not close at all (too many coats of paint i think) she can't be bothered to take checks so she makes everyone deposit their directly into her bank account, which requires that you visit her bank during business hours. she never got the keys back from the last tennant and didn't even switch the locks, so we only got one really old key. the front yard looks like shit and is a fire hazard. and of course, she's making a killing off the rents. of course now that the city is coming out, she's going to try to fix things. gee. what a nice lady.

this isn't the first time my bf has been so accomodating to her. i suspect that my boyfriend is always so accomodating to her because of her race and gender. i don't think he would put up with this from an old white guy. in my book, asshole landlords are assholes landlords no matter what- its an equal opportunity thing.

we're supposed to be moving into a new place together next month and i'm scared he'll do something like this inour new place. i value my privacy and my rights as a tennant and i think you have to be firm with landlords cos more often than not- they are greedy assholes who violate tennants rights in some way or another. he always agrees when i say stuff like that, but his actions show otherwise.

what to do? i know i need to have a serious talk with him about it but i'm afraid i'll just blow up as soon as he walks in the door.

i hid the bong and porno but i'm not about to do anything else. i'm ready to answer the door in a bathrobe with a martini in hand and fight bitchiness with bitchiness. and if she says anything about the decapitated doll heads and other assorted parts i'm using for a project that are spread out on my craft table in the living room or the piles of dirty laundry in the bedroom, i'll personally escort the city inspector around, make him or her a glass of lemonade, and apologize that we can't drink it in the yard since it is covered in leaves, vines, and garbage.

whew. i feel slighty better. thanks for letting me rant!

By vintage lilac On 08/19/02  

hmmmm....let's see.....what would I do.....

I think I would call her up and say sorry, but we really need that 24 hr. notice we're entitled to because the boy won't be home from work in time and I have the flu.

Then, I'd go over to the apartment and hang out naked on the couch in case she shows up and lets herself in.

Hell, I'd leave the bong and the porno out for good measure, too.

By monkey_thoughts On 08/19/02  

That sucks, I have denied my landlords entrance before but then I was scared shitless that I was going to get an eviction notice in the mail; now I just pretend I am not home when they come by. But you are moving so no worries. If your boy is a wimp in situations like this, you need to be the one in charge of all landlord issues.

Hay, is she is so horrible, I would want her to get in trouble with the inspectors, a little passive-aggressive revenge

By Amelia On 08/20/02  

My first response was that the next place you get, you shouldn't put his name down as a emergency contact. But then I got to thinking, why take on more responsiblity because he messed up? So, my second response is next time this happens, tell him he has to come home RIGHT NOW and clean up and meet the landlord, otherwise you'll put the chain on the door and not let her in.

By goddess On 08/20/02  

or at least insist that he tell the landlord he has to call and check with you first, then he'll call them back with a yes or no.

in this case, i agree with the person who said he needs to call her back and reschedule cause you're sick and he can't be there.

too bad for her if she can't get there before the city inspector...

on a side-note, i would flat out refuse to deposit my rent into her account. if she really wants her money she'll deposit it herself. screw that!

By glitterfairy13 On 08/20/02  

What's up with landlords these days?? I almost posted earlier about our asshole landlord... I think I might just take the opportunity to get that off my chest right now, if you don't mind...

I never had a problem with him... until he told us that he needed us to move into the apt. across the hall... he said he had to renovate our apt. because the city didn't think it was up to code. My ass. He's renovating it into this fantastic shangri-la... wood floors, crown moulding, marble couter tops, french doors, etc, etc. Our apt. is 50s fabulous, with turquoise formica counters and yellow tile and green bathtub and sink. Anyway.

So we move across the hall. Then one morning, right after we'd moved, the doorbell rings. I was in bed and naked, and decided not to answer it. AND THEN THE DOOR OPENED... and my asshole landlord walked in!! I was mortified... he seems to think he's done nothing wrong, though... I get mad just thinking about it.

So anyway, he's still redoing our old apt. that he's going to move into... I got home today from running some errands... to find that he'd filled my parking spot with boxes and windows! Completely filled it. And we only have 4 spots here, for the 4 apts. AND... he said to me, "oh, I'll try to get these out of your spot in the next couple of days..." But in the meantime I have nowhere to park... in Menlo Park, where I live, you're not allowed to park on the street overnight. Argh.

Okay. Sorry for turning your rant into my rant. Good luck with the landbitch... I think opening the door in a bathrobe with a martini is a fabulous idea... good luck! =o)

By kmartdollie On 08/20/02  

I have also been lying in bed naked when the landlord has walked in on me, almost. I had to yell "Just a SECOND!" and it was kind of embarassing.

By samante On 08/20/02  

Our landlord gives us no notice whatsoever about coming over. One morning, we walked outside, to find our front garden butchered to pieces, therefore every person and their dog could see right into our house.
He came to fix the windows when we were not here, let himself in, and when we got home seemed surprised that we didn't like him coming into our house with no notice and without us here.
Last weekend, he pulled down the back fence, pulled out one of my plants, knocked over another in a pot, and just left it.
Strange thing is, we don't even know this guy's name. He's never actually said, "Hi, I'm suchandsuch, your landlord." He gives me the creeps because he just comes over whenever he wants. We've rang the real estate agents, but as much as they remind him to ring us at least 24 hours beforehand, he never does.
I can't wait until the lease is up in January.


By tallulah On 08/20/02  

ladies, you all should really check out the rental laws in your areas. You have a lot of rights and as far as I know, it is very illegal for a landlord to enter your dweling without prior notice. You should not put up with this.

By glitterfairy13 On 08/20/02  

Oh yeah, it's totally illegal, and I let my landlord know it... but he said "I was only checking to see if you guys had moved already... and I rang the bell and no one answered... " blah blah blah. Then I got into a shouting match with him and now he's afraid of me. =o) Hooray for small victories, huh?

A-monroe, let us know how your run-in with the landlady went, okay?


By Punky Brewster On 08/21/02  

Do a search on California tenant rights. I know that there are certain laws about landlords coming over, maybe there is something to help you. I know that landlords aren't allowed to come in without your permission unless it's an emergency. They aren't allowed to do work outside of normal business hours, etc. Look into it, maybe you can turn the tables on the landbitch. Good luck!

By Punky Brewster On 08/21/02  

Ah-hah! I found what I was looking for. Gee, being a social worker finally paid off. :P

Check this out:>

It's the CA tenant's rights handbook. You can print it out or order copies. I ordered several copies for work a couple of months ago, and they aren't here yet, so print it out if you can.

Check out the section called "Living in the Rental Unit" and there is a section about when the landlord can enter the unit. 24 hour notice is customary, but they CAN enter sooner IF the tenant gives consent. Read up, it's your best defense for the looney landlord. It outlines HER responsibilities, so maybe you'll nab her on something...

Good luck!

By Punky Brewster On 08/21/02  


Just because other people might have idiotic landlords. Good luck!

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