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By Elf_Chick On 08/19/02  

ok, just had to vent.

if i see the commercial for Sonic CreamSlushes again with the kids yelling into the oscillating fan to distort their voices, i'm going to impale my tv with something.

also, i'm irritated by the liz claiborne Bora Bora commercial with the schmatlzy rendition of "Stranger in Paradise." gag, gag and gag again.

feel free to post your most hated commercials here!


By newfoundgirly On 08/19/02  

yesterday it was the commercial for Mike's Hard Lemonade, the guy with the second evil-digusting-looking second head on his shoulder. it was pretty pointless and made me poignantly aware that i had just wasted thirty seconds of my life watching it. ah well.

By kittythedog On 08/19/02  

For some reason that Wal Mart commercial with the white suburbanites that like to go camping really gets under my skin. Her voice is really annoying, especially since every phrase sounds like a question. Argh!

My husband really hates the Viagra one where everybody at work asks the guy if he got a haircut, if he's been working out, etc. I think it's kinda cute, but he grumbles when it's on.

Just saw ultra-bizarro ad for PT Cruiser too. Girl ends up bald. Okaaaaay....


By seventwelve On 08/19/02  

Fuckin' Rugby Bunch.

My husband loves me enough to mute the TV every time he sees it coming.

By ann74 On 08/19/02  

Ditto on the Rugby Bunch ads. They are on about 4379207509352 times a day.

By Elf_Chick On 08/19/02  

ah yes, the rugby bunch. as i said elsewhere, every time i see it i just twitch a little and then pass out.

also, i saw some weird commercial at about 1:30 am; don't even know what it was for, but it involved a mostly white background and i think a ladder, trees and fire at different points. i have no idea what it was trying to convey to me, but i was also under the influence of sleeping medicine.


By Kit-Kat On 08/29/02  

the viagra one makes me think " is that a new tie? did you get a haircut? have you dyed your hair?" "no actualy, I just have an erection!'
I know its supposed to mean he had a night of hot sex, but still..

By btterflygrrl On 08/19/02  

the weird thing about that Mike's commercial is that they changed it.. the evil head used to say "I didn't know Mike's made a hard ice tea" and then he'd look at the woman's breast (which is creepy, I'm glad I don't have kids, I think that the whole commercial would scare them). Now he says "Yeah a Mike's hard whatever would be refreshing..."

it's just strange to me that they would change it.


By Elf_Chick On 08/19/02  


they probably got complaints...


By KittyFishsticks On 08/19/02  

Elf Chick, I also saw that weird black-and-white ladder/trees/creepy commercial. It was on during one of my late night Law & Order viewings. I seriously want to know what's going on with that one....I hope they follow up with more info.


By meadow On 08/19/02  

i hate the rugby bunch. with a passion.
also the kmart commericals with all the bratty kids.

By a-monroe On 08/19/02  

oh god that 'bora bora' song is so fucking awful i thought it was a satire when i first saw it. really i thought it was one of those romance novel 'i can't believe its not butter ads."

By daniellie On 08/19/02  

i think i am honestly going to have to kill each and every persone involved in that rugby bunch commercial.

i dont even want to begin to think where they came up with that horrible idea.


By honeybunny On 08/19/02  

at first it was a brief, low-budget informercial; now it's a glossy pro-shot COMMERCIAL:

that guy who YELLS about orange cleaner stuff. for 10 minutes. SO loud and annoying! has anyone else seen this?

i did laugh though when they showed the fancy new bottle that orange prodcut now comes in. before (on the infomercial), it was more or less a white bucket. :)

By jtsang On 08/20/02  

I was gonna say anything by that irritating Oxyclean man, he does orange clean and ZAP or Kaboom or something too. He is IRRITATING!

By Elf_Chick On 08/19/02  


oh, thank god it wasn't just late-nite dementia kicking in...i saw it last night on wither Comedy Central or Cartoon Netwk...i think the former.


By siwrl On 08/19/02  

I hate those damn Red Bull commercials. UNclever. UNfunny.


By Elf_Chick On 08/19/02  

also, i am sick of every verison, Dell and CallATT ad out there. all bad, all the time.

and HOW many companies has Tiger Woods whored himself out to at this point? i saw him in yet another commercial today. god, it's all greed with these sports people. guhhh.


By vintage lilac On 08/19/02  

I can honestly say the only commercial mentioned I've actually seen is the rugby bunch. I can't believe those things are coming back in style.(or trying to with a severe push by old navy.)

The one I hate is a car commercial that shows a dad rushing around, then he hops in his car to only go 3 miles an hour.

It took me about ten viewings to realize that it's his son racing him on the bike. At least I think it is.

By Elf_Chick On 08/19/02  

oh god, how could i forget:

Joe Isuzu.


there is nothing "sexy" about you or your damn car. so quit saying it.


By stella On 08/19/02  

i think ads are usually the best things on TV. except changing rooms, which i am horribly addicted to.

seriously though, that rugby bunch ad makes me want to ram a skewer into someone's eyeball or something. every time it comes on i start screaming about how i wish our remote had a mute button (it fell out) and hitting things. i also want to kill that Dell kid, and the smarmy little pusbag children on those oscar meyer ads. okay, calm down.... calm down...


By buffalogrl On 08/20/02  

i'm really bothered by any tv commerical that animates food, it doesn't make me want to eat the food if they give it a personality. I am especially bothered by the foster farms ads. It doesn't make any sense, why would they want to be foster farms chickens if it means they will get killed?
i'm also getting sick of monsta jamz, the songs keep getting stuck in my head.

By sobriquet On 08/20/02  

I just have to mention the Verizon commercial where the ferret attacks the guy's tongue. It's seriously disturbing, especially when you're half-delirious at 4 am and can't handle anything much more bizarre than old SNL reruns.

By btterflygrrl On 08/20/02  

always the one to point out the worst part of a hideous commercial, I noticed something the other day:

in the Rugby bunch commercial, it says something about the boys "...the youngest one in stripes." But here's the problem - he's NOT IN EFFING STRIPES! The older boys are, the youngest boy has a two color rugby, green across the chest and shoulders, grey in the torso... grrrrahhhhh! If you're going to make a bad commercial, at least pull your head out of your ass before doing so!

rant over,

By mishymisu On 08/20/02  

There is this new dog food commercial with these two dogs dreaming that's it's raining kibbles and bits or some crap. The first time i saw it, I screamed at my boy because I was sure something so very wrong was proof of the immediate occurence of the apocalypse. All he could say was "what, the bulldog in the sweater is cute" and that's just so wrong coming from the lips of the one I love, soo very wrong.

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