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By RetroDame On 08/19/02  

I am so proud of myself. I fixed my car!

Okay, it was a really minor repair... my radiator hose had sprung a leak, so I took it off and put a new one on.

This is pretty major for me, tho, since mechanical things tend to intimidate me. I'll never be entirely convinced that cars aren't run by some sort of slightly malevalent magic.

What have you done that you are really proud of?


By LauraLee On 08/19/02  

congratulations on the hose, i'm impressed by anyone that can fix cars.

i soldered some battery wires on one of my cameras and i made a t-shirt without a pattern (and it fits).


By SublimeStitcher On 08/19/02  

When my husband and I bought our house, I was pretty impressed with myself for:

~repainting most of the rooms
~re-caulking the bathtub and toilet base
~transforming an unfinished closet into a linen closet with cute shelves and scalloped trim
~learning some gardening and planting a bunch of stuff around the yard

When you have your own house, it's pretty amazing the things you'll suddenly take on as projects that you'd never done before.

By Kaystarr98 On 08/19/02  

congrats retro-dame! i'm trying to visualize where my radiator is... no use.

i'm the man of the house at home, which means i set up all new appliances, put together all furniture and squash all bugs! aw yeah!


By nico On 08/19/02  

Yay, good for you. It feels great do that kind of stuff. I agree with you car repair seems like some big mystery. I keep telling myself I will
buy a car repair book and educate myself. Being a girl is no reason for not knowing how my car works. I did buy a part for my bike and fixed it myself yesterday.

By januarygrl On 08/19/02  

yay! girls rawk!

congratulations on learning about your car! i agree with nico that it's an important thing to learn, esp. since i heard that guy mechanics like to overcharge women when you take it to the shop. i don't really touch my car but secretly i wanna be an auto mechanic. :)

my self-congratulatory girls kick ass topic is that i'm a female supervisor. that may not sound like much but it's more difficult than i ever thought it would be, esp. when you deal with computers and the guys all assume that since you're a girl you don't know anything. but this year i have three techs, all guys, and they all listen to me, and i feel like i've won them over, even though i don't know my techie stuff i think i've been a good enough supervisor that they know i'm the boss and i should be listened to. work is 10x better when you feel like you're supported, and i think i like work so much more because of it.

jangrl. :)

By windowshopper On 08/19/02  

good job!
i'm proud about cutting my own hair!
it doesn't take a manual though.

By favorgrl On 08/19/02  

Wow, you do kick ass. Last time I tried to change the wiper blades on my car it took me an hour. I'm pathetic, I know. I managed to take the hard drive out of my computer and read the serial number off to my husband over the phone. I was pretty excited.


By dre On 08/19/02  

yay!!! :)
I don't touch the car but i have in my day helped take out a cement porch with a jack hammer, layed fresh cement and i have painted the interior rooms of every house I lived in.

By PopCultureShock On 08/19/02  

Yay! That's so rad!
My Mom can tune-up her car!
I can change the oil, but that's it...I'd like to learn more.

You ladies rock!

By riotladyamy On 08/19/02  

I've worked full-time, and went to school full-time and finished my General Education and also recieved my AA in Natural Science in two years exactly. I'm transfering to the university this semester... school starts next week! How exciting!


By CynMonkey On 08/19/02  

Me and my girlfriend changed a tire together once . . . Then we put the spare tire on backwards by accident. But we got the old tire off, and that's the really hard part!

By bluejay On 08/20/02  

I'm bumping this bc. I think it's an awesome thread!!!!

you girls are an inspiration and i wanna hear more!

By traveler On 08/20/02  

I learned to pour cement the other day. My neighbors and I were committing geurilla street repair on a pothole that the city has ignored our complaints about. It was fun! I learned to mix, pour, smooth, and texture cement. :)

By ontherocks On 08/20/02  

This thread makes me want to learn to pour cement! How fun!

This morning my car started running really hot, and I pulled off and checked the coolant. It was really low, so I filled it with water til I got to a store to buy more coolant. I'm sure this is not a big deal, but I felt proud that I was calm and didn't freak out and call AAA.

Also I'm really good at unclogging drains and clogged vacuum hoses!

By rhinokey On 08/20/02  

Wow, you're all so impressive, with your hot cement, etc!

My big man-type achievement was digging my pond and building a waterfall running into it. My fish thank me every day. I wish you could all see it, its really fabulous, kind of a zen garden rocks and gravel type thing, with some funky plants including a huge lily which is just flowering.

I love my pond!

By goddess On 08/20/02  

i feel lucky that i inherited my dad's mechanical skills. of course, he used to bring me to work(he's a mechanic), and when i got my first car i had to show him i could change the tire. i also have a boyfriend who makes me help him with everything; he has no tolorance for helplessness.

i have successfully:

*changed the distributor cap & wires on my car
*replaced a side window that was broken
*painted my bathroom
*sawed & routered my way (with the help of my boyfriend) to a bathroom cabinet

i have a passion for power tools :)

By goddess On 08/20/02  

ontherock's post reminded me of a tip:

if your car's overheating, turn on the heater. this helps cool it down.

By RetroDame On 08/20/02  


I had to do that all the way home once (20 miles) in the middle of the summer while I was pregnant... arghh, unfun..

It works, tho.


By ladymisskayte On 08/20/02  

yay to girls that rock!
i'm proud of the fact that i am strong. i lift all sorts of things at work, put up shelves by myself and love my power tools.
a couple of days ago my assistant and i were hammering away and a lady walked by us and said, "wow. who needs men?" my thoughts exactly lady.

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