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By heathertea On 08/14/02  

I don't know how many here are associated with, but I've seen a few posts about lmaos here. Incase anyone is interested I've started a marble magnet swap that should be fun and easy!

Make 5 marble magnets and get 5 that someone else has made in return! Here's the link:

any glitter gals are welcome =)

By Bizwitch On 08/14/02  

great idea! btw, there have been other marble magnet swaps on glitter, so if your nervousness one doesn't work out you're welcome to do one here. i mean, i hope it works out well, but nervousness has a history of things ending badly. good luck with it!


By Bumble V On 08/14/02  

Hi, I just signed up but I kinda have a couple questions:
do I send my magnets as soon as I make them or wait to receive any? Do I send them to you or to the person behind me?

You've probably already answered these questions on the nervousness site but I'm a bit slow. Humor me. Thanks!

By sharem On 08/15/02  

signed up and was the last person. already have tons made that i can choose from

By heathertea On 08/15/02  

cool, thanks for signing up guys!

you send the marble magnets to me as soon as you are done making them. then once I receive 5 from everyone, I will mail out 5 to you that someone else made. I did it this way so that I have more control on weather or not people who made magnets and followed through actually get magnets. =)

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