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By velvet On 08/14/02  

is it possable? any patterns out there in web-land?

By ursonate On 08/14/02  

it is possible
but why try when you can rest
store bought convenience

By hightide On 08/14/02  

I don't know of any specific patterns, but big needles and a knot mesh stitch would do the trick.

Knot-Stitch Mesh
any number of stitches
row 1: *yo twice, k1; rep from *
row 2: K2 (knit the first stitch and the first yo loop), p1 (the second yarnover loop); then pass the 2 knit sts over the purl st; rep from *

repeat rows 1 and 2

[instructions taken from "A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns"]

By SmudgyCat On 08/15/02  

i found a macrame pattern for a hammock in a 1960s magazine from a thrift store. i know that doesn't really help you much, but if you want, i can copy it for you and mail it?

By azeo On 08/15/02  

yes, I've done this. I just used big needles (they were about an inch across), some sort of strong, synthetic yarn (not fuzzy), and just knit a big rectangle in garter stitch.

The only thing you have to watch out for is that your hammock will shrink in width as it stretches in length. So make it bigger than you think you need.

By bonnell99 On 08/15/02  

this was a big thing in the 70s, and there was a fabulous knitting book that's long out of print and next to impossible to find that some guy wrote about how to make all kinds of things, including knitting a hammock with rope and broomstick handles as needles.

I wish I could remember the name of it. dammit!


By topaz On 08/15/02  

Yesterday I actually came across a site with a free crocheted hammock pattern. I know you mentioned wanting a knit pattern, but I recall a post from a while ago saying that crochet created a stronger fabric than knitting. I'll try to remember the site for you and update my post when I find it. BTW, I think it's cool that you have thought of making your own hammock. When I saw the hammock pattern, I thought ~how original~...also, in case you are interested, there is also this great website that sells patterns for designing your own tent! Anyways, good luck!

By topaz On 08/15/02  

Hi Velvet (again),

I couldn't find the link, but came across several others. Here are two:

This appears to be a decent pattern, which includes a photo of the finishes product. It's pretty cute, it suggests using your left over acrylic yarn.

This is also nice, but somewhat different in structure. The articles offer step-by-step pictures to corresond with the instructions. It involves using hammock cord, which I didn't even know existed. Not as pretty, but well-structured. If you are concerned about your hammock looking beautiful, you may want to see ifthey sell the cord in different colors or see if it is possible to dye the cord yourself...which would be cool, a tie-dyed hammock! =)

By lulabelle On 08/15/02  

Yeah, topaz, I was just about to say that crocheting is less stretchy than knitting and would probably be better for a hammock. I'd recommend using a strong, stable fiber like Mason's twine or hemp. Hemp can be murder to work with, though; it's very rough. I think there's been a few threads about how to treat hemp to soften it up so it won't tear up your hands so badly.


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