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By guhrrrl On 08/14/02  

I am about to jump on this marble magnet bandwagon, and I was hoping someone could tell me the type of glue I need for this. Thanks!


By topaz On 08/14/02  

Right now I am using a clear craft glue, but I have heard that silicone glue is the way to go. I just jumped on the bandwagon myself!

By jo On 08/14/02  

Hey Lynn,
there are various schools of thought on glue.
Mine is the, I want it finished now, now, NOW! school.
I use Elmers glue to glue the picture onto the back of the marble. Once it's dried I like to give it a quick brush of varnish (or whatever, even another brush of glue, or of modpodge wil work). That's so that the glue you use to stick the magnet on won't bleed through the paper and make it all splotchy.
Some people like to use silicone glue to glue the magnet on (and I use it when I am gluing marbles onto flat back pins for push pins), some people use silicone to glue the paper onto the marble too. I tend to use brushable superglue, cause it sticks and dries instantly. You just have to make sure you position it carefully.
Then there's your marbles, the pictures to put on. I like to use craft punches to cut out my circles, but you can also just use scissors, it will just take a bit longer. And some of my punches are a bit dodgy anyway, I need to try that punching through tin foil thing to sharpen them up.

By ursonate On 08/14/02  

marbles, magnets glue
the whole world is making some
time for something else

By jo On 08/14/02 a more mellow attitude?

as the lovely ElfChick would say,

By ursonate On 08/15/02  

no one can ever
be more mellow than I am
try innovation

By Martita On 08/15/02  

I use Aleen's Platinum bond glass and bead glue....

Everybody may be making them, but they still impress the recipient!

By topaz On 08/15/02  

I agree...I have just started making marble magnets myself and everyone who has recieved some from me just l-o-o-o-ves them!

By Meowsa On 08/15/02  

What kind of magnets do you guys use? I was using a magnetic strip that was in a roll, but it doesn't seem very strong, and the magnets won't hold anything up.

By seventwelve On 08/15/02  

I use nothing but Elmer's and it works fine. I think it partly depends on what pictures you're using.

I got fat heavy round magnets in a pack of 50 in the craft section at Wal Mart. I think they were about $2.

By bradley On 08/15/02  

when i make marble magnets, i buy the 1/2 inch round magnets (something like a dozen for $1.50, which isn't a great deal at all, but oh well). i picked up a 1/2 round hole punch for about $5 at the craft store, so the images fit perfectly on top of the magnets. i just use the glass marbles/gems that look closest to that 1/2 inch size when i pick them up at the store.

i read all of this on a website, surely a site of someone who writes on here.

oh yeah, and clear glue all the way. i just give it five minutes to dry between magnet to picture, then the picture to marble.

i like how mine always turn out. i'm just wondering if anyone has found marbles that don't have those little air bubbles in the middle? maybe i'm just using cheap marbles and that's the problem, but i really have to sift through the bag to find a decent one for the magnets. heck, maybe i'm just too picky though.


By cleanout On 08/15/02  

i use silicone glue for the photo to the marble, and then e6000 industrial glue for the magnet to the photo. heavy round magnets work best, and here's the secret tip:

don't use glass marbles for marble jewelry. get plastic cabs from a plastic store. much lighter and more control over what size you use. there's tap plastics in your area that should have them.

By jo On 08/15/02  

Cool secret tip Mer.
I gotta go to a Tap store, they are the fantastic plastic place you know!
BTW, a tip in return, e6000 is a silicone glue too. It may have a different formula perhaps, that makes it stronger? I'm not sure, I've been going on the assumption that it's the same thing tho. This is what I read about it on thistothat>

By madgeylou On 10/09/02  

the problem with using like elmers for attaching the magnet is that if you drop it, the magnet may very well pop off (i am a major klutz so this is a big concern for me :D)

so then i used to use silicon glue to but it's really gross and messy to work with and i find that on my older magnets, it has yellowed with age.

recently i started using hot glue (high temp) to attach the magnet. you have to position it well and do it quickly, but the whole project goes SOOO much faster than when i was using the silicon glue.

AND i dropped a bunch and they were all fine. yay!


ps. ursonate nice haiku!!

By goddess On 08/15/02  

i, too, have a problem with bubbles in the marbles, as well as my silicone glue bubbling. doubles bubbles are no good :(

suggestions anyone?

By lindastar On 08/15/02  

i realize this is a really stupid question, and hesitate to ask, but where the heck do i buy magnets? at a hardware store?

i miss walmart.


By bradley On 08/16/02  

i get my magnets from either Michael's or Hobby Lobby. they have the 1/2 inch round size i use.

By lindastar On 08/16/02  

any NY located magneteers?? where do you buy?

****edited to add: I found some at the hardware store. i have a feeling they were way overpriced (8 for 3 dollars?) but they are really strong. i was so happy to find them, now i can make my friend her housewarming gift. :)

By fullapple On 10/04/02  

This place has cheap, cheap, powerful and cheap magnets. The little ones can hold up papers all by themselves. Pay attention to the warnings about the big ones, they aren't kidding. I got a blood blister from a serious pinch.
Hope it helps.

By bootstrappixi On 10/05/02  

so the glass marbles, are they just those ones that come in like a 1 pound bag in the floral dept. at Michael's/ hobby Lobby? Or is there some specific thing I should look for?

By lilyblue On 10/05/02  

the ones you get at Michaels in the floral department should work just fine, but make sure they are clear and not irridescent.

By Lacey On 10/10/02  

Hey, I don't know if you girls have had a problem with printing out images from the computer.
It must be the ink my printer because almost every glue i try melts the image. It's so sad!

So....before you try superglue, cement or whatever....see if it melts your image.
Silicone seems to be OK far.

By smachel On 10/10/02  

ursonate, your haikus crack me up. for some reason i am picturing you as lucas from empire records with these philosophical ideas on the margnet trend.

By starxduzt On 10/10/02  

Lacey, I've had this happen too...I asked around nd if you spray it with acrylic top coating it wont bleed...I havent tried it yet though.

By photogirl3fc On 10/31/02  

I haven't really had any problems with smearing or pictures bleading but I was using the Aileens Glass and Bead glue. However I have found that this doesn't bond as well as I thought it would, 1/2 of my marbles came off the pictures. What other kinda glue could I use ?? :)

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