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By girlwakesup On 08/11/02  

i know this topic has been doen to death, but...
i have a ton of old cigar boxes and they are like simple clamshell boxes...they have nothing to latch the top together with the base at the top of the box. so how can i keep if from falling open if i created purses out of them?
and also, has anyone tried using soft handles attached, like a peice of bike tube or fabric or leather for them?

By DeborahM On 08/30/02  

Creat a 'loop' with whatever medium you like-ribbon,leather cording,beading etc.Attatch to 'bottom' of sigar box.
Make another loop on other side(top) and add a button.When Button goes thru loop it will stay attatched.
Also a madrin slosure would look spectacular!
Iv'e used upolstry tacks to put on a 'handle' and also used elstic strips to make a 'hing' on the sides of the box so it dson't just flop open and show all your stuff!
I also like to add a pocket to the inside of the lid by making a pouch (usualy out of the same velvet I line the purse with) and sewing it to the ligning.The lining is glued on at the boarder.
Make sense?

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