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By x LoLa x On 07/25/02  

hey there,

Does anyone know if it's possible to vinylize fabric? I have some cotton that I'd like to make stiffer and more durable. Is there some kind of (not too toxic) dipping or lamination process?

By StpRcsm On 07/25/02  

heat n bond makes an iron on vinyl. check at a fabric store

By gadgetgirl On 07/25/02  

iron on

By s_q On 07/25/02  

Someone had posted a while a go about how their local fabric store will do this for people.

Ah, here is the thread...>

Other stores may do it too, you could call around.

By x LoLa x On 07/25/02  

thank you!

that fabric store in the other thread is actually nearby...
has anyone tried the heat n bond iron on vinyl? does it look good or kind of cloudy?

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