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By traveler On 07/22/02  

Yay, I got my new sewing machine set up and working, and have produced my first item! It's a small bag, completely sewn shut! It's brown, and it's ugly, and it's badly sewn, and it has absolutely no use whatsoever. But I did it, gosh darn it! :)

By SpanishFly On 07/22/02  

Hey congrats! What are you going to make next?


By s_q On 07/22/02  

Congrats, the first thing I sewed was rather similar, I took some old rags and just sewed them into a little square, just to see if I could. :)

By Pippi On 07/22/02  

YAY you! That's so (no pun intended!) exciting -- pretty soon you're going to be making bags for all of us here, just wait :) Congratulations!

Incidently, the first thing I ever sewed was a completely flat (as in two-dimensional) doll from a pattern I drew myself when I was five or six. She had one really short, thin leg and one longer, fatter leg and her face was drawn on with markers. Talk about ugly! I couldn't figure out why she didn't look right. Mom was very amused.

By artzyfartzy On 07/22/02  

i was just where u are...only about a month or so ago!...and now i'm making a dress for my daughter for a party this weekend!! it's addicting I tell ya ! : )

By mishymisu On 07/22/02  

It's not ugly and badly sewn, it's "Avant Garde"!

By Pippi On 07/23/02  

Yes, *defintely* high couture

By traveler On 07/23/02  

Why, thank you. Maybe I have a future in the haute couture fashion world. I've often thought that some of that stuff was actually mistakes anyway, glammed up...tee hee! :)

I think I want to make a skirt next, but I have to work on the speed & control thing. I tried a long seam on a scrap, but it sort of got away from me and now I have a random, slightly tubular trapezoid with a curvy seam. I wonder if I could make it into a hat? Or a sleeve? This is fun!

By albgal On 07/23/02  

I bought a new sewing machine a couple weeks ago. First major project. . .hemming my friend's pants. All was working well until I cut off too much material. ..ah, well, he wasn't that attached to the idea of cuffs anyway. ;) Good call to make something craftyfun for yourself, first.

By Pink Skeleton On 07/23/02  

First major sewing project- a leopard print circle skirt, I was ten years old. It was slightly assymetrical, but I wore it all the time. Very glam for a ten year old in South Dakota.

By januarygrl On 07/24/02  

i made my boyfriend a pillowcase. that was my first project. :)


i think i want to make a pillowcase skirt. :)

jangrl. :)

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