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By Bizwitch On 07/21/02  

hey, i was wondering if any of our beloved glitter girls runs wouldn't surprise me the least bit. :) i'd almost be more surprised if they *weren't* glitterati.

anyways, i'm totally enamored of this project here.

i think i might have to do this while my bf's at work since he'd never succumb to something like this, although i'm sure he'd suddenly love it if i already had it up.

check out the other articles, there are some great ideas on this site. :)


By libby On 07/21/02  

Thanks for the link - great stuff. I prowled through the archives on the site and noticed there is an interview with a successful, crafty glitterati at:

But in in the various contributors favorite links I didn't see mention of getcrafty which surprised me.

I liked the store section with the tees and mugs - their graphic is simple yet catchy. I wish getcrafty would do more affordable items like these. I'd buy a getcrafty mug or tee if it were in the craftygal price range.

By gadgetgirl On 07/21/02  

I just had this flash of walking down the aisle of some craft store with my 'get crafty' tee shirt on and coming across someone else with a 'get crafty' tee on. We both point and laugh.
How cool would that be?????
Could you imagine if that happened in your office with a coffee mug.

By JanMC On 07/22/02  

I'm one of the CraftyGal gals. Glad you like our site!

By libby On 07/22/02  

Hi JanMC - love the site. When I have some extra $ for fun stuff I will definitely be buying a craftgal mug or tee. :^ )

By nadine On 07/24/02  

Jan, has my craft zine came to you in the mail yet? I got my mom to mail it about a week ago.

By JanMC On 07/26/02  


Haven't gotten it yet, but I'll be on the lookout. Thanks!


By CraftyChicaAZ On 07/26/02  

I love craftygal - it's one of my online guilty pleasures!!!! i love how all of their personalities shine through, just like this site....

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