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By Bumble V On 07/20/02  

Does anyone know how to make transfers from your computer to hard materials such as plastic or glass? I saw a book at Barnes once and now it's nowhere to be found! Go figure. The transfers are somewhat translucent. Any ideas? Thanks!!!!

By Janey Garnet On 07/20/02  

I think Lazertan would work. I don't know too much about it, but it's some kind of film that you put through a color copier, and then you can transfer it to damn near anything. I'm planning on buying some next time I feel flush.

By ursonate On 07/20/02  

I would use lazertran or silkscreen.

By Bumble V On 07/20/02  

I didn't even know about Lazertran. Can you only order it through their website? Thanks for the info!

By bluerose On 07/22/02  

I have been hunting the web looking for lazertran for a week... the site is WAY expensive. $25 for 10 sheets + shipping. I must have seen the same book at Barnes and Noble! E-mail, she can get it for you!

By Detroit_Magda On 07/22/02  

If you don't want to go out and find Lazertran, an easy way to make transfers is just use an acrylic medium. Cover the surface of the print and the place it's going and let it dry. Then apply another coat, place the print onto the plastic (or whatever), press the air bubbles out and let it sit for 24 hours or so. Then, use a wet sponge to scrape the paper away. Only the image remains on the acrylic. I love doing these, and I made The World's Coolest Lamp with a clear glass lampshade, a acid-green dyed lamp base, and a bunch of Mr. T comics. Oh, Yeah. I pity the fool who doesn't do acrylic transfers!

(Modpodge will work in a pinch, but since it is rather heavily waterbased it often develops holes in the image during removal of paper. Not fun when it's your only print)

By ursonate On 07/23/02  

I am hearing now that the hip happenin' way to do ink jet transfers is with those printable tattoo sheets.

The problem with Lazertran, well it's not really a problem, but you can only use it with laser printers or copiers.

By Bumble V On 07/24/02  

hmmm...note to self: "pick up tattoo paper on way home from work. Doh, must not forget to pick up husband."

By chickaroo On 07/24/02  

Could you possibly give a little bit more detailed description of doing these? What exact acrylic medium? How does it come out looking clear or clouded? ......

By Astoria On 07/24/02  

Acrylic medium is basicly clear acrylic paint. it shuld come out clear, (goes on kind of milkey) comes in matte, and my fav gloss. I think you would need to use a lazer print (I might be wrong)but I did this in college and it does work.

By Detroit_Magda On 07/24/02  

You need to use a print from an ink jet printer or, my favorite, a photocopy. Something where the images is just inked on the surface of the paper.

By monkeyrocker On 07/24/02  

Just so you know, acrylic medium comes in big ol' tubs which you can get at the art/craft store. It's so much cheaper than Lazertran (which, from the online instructions, seems to involve using acrylic medium anyway).

You can actually use any clear/colored plastic medium (I've experimented with silicone glue; I want to try resin too) and any plastic based print (lazerprint, photocopy, magazine)...The plastic in the print bonds with the plastic in the medium, so when you rub off the paper back (I use water and my finger to gently rub off most of the paper, then move to water and a toothbrush to get all the tiny pieces off), the image stays behind permanently bonded to the medium.

My best luck has been with using several coats of acrylic on both the image and the surface I want to transfer onto. The image seems to sort of float above the transfer surface.

By stinkerbell On 07/24/02  

qvc has lazsertran:

$24.75 + s/h for 10 sheets

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