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By twnklfngrs23568 On 07/19/02  

Next year I start taking ballet. yay! But right now all I have is jazz stuff that's worn to pieces. Anyway, my mom sort of hinted that money might be kinda tight, and as I have no car (not old enough) no job (not old enough) and no money (see previous two reasons) I need your help! :)

first off, how would I make a tie skirt out of that floaty material and ribbon

secondly, how would I go about knitting in a circle ? would it be possible for me to do this with regular needleswithout making a square and then sewing it?

thankies for the help!
*cait the great

By Mopsiebelle On 07/19/02  

I'm not a knitting expert, but isn't the only way to knit a seamless circle is too knit with circular needles???? I have made a couple of skirts and poncho type things with the good ol circs and they are easy to use

By harlie On 07/20/02  

I wouldn't consider myself an expert either, but it seems to me if you have two sets of regular needles (same size) you could -in theory- use them like double pointed needles. You would have to reverse the direction of the needles after every round. It would, however, be much easier to obtain a set of double pointed needles or a circular needle.
And they are easy to use, you never have to turn your work, and you're always working on the same side.

By Knittinator On 07/20/02  

in order to knit in a seamless circle you have to use double pointed or circular needles. what are you trying to make?

By Shannie77 On 07/20/02  

Regular needles wouldn't work for knitting in the round because they have ends on them. When you knit in a circle you you pickeing up stiches on one end and knit off the other, but double points would work. If you can remove the ends, however, you mght be able to make it work.

By twnklfngrs23568 On 07/20/02  

Thanks guys! I was prety sure I needed to get some circular needles, but I wanted to be sre before I went out and bought some. I'm making some legwarmers because every place I've seen that sells them WAY overcharges them. Plus by looking at pictures and the ones in the store, I've figured out how to make them.
*runs off to get herself some circular needles*

By lala On 07/20/02  

for leg/arm warmers, you might want to make sure that you get a smaller size needle length - the only ones i see at wal-mart and the like are 24" - 36". you really can't knit anything smaller than the needles you have without stretching the heck out of the yarn, and it is a pain.

By AudDoll On 07/21/02  

Good point lala. If you can't find any 16'' circs (or if your legs are smaller than that) then you can quickly and cheaply make your own dpns out of dowels. Just cut to an appropriate length, sharpen the ends and sand. I also like to rub them down with wax and then heat with a hair dryer, rubbing the excess off with a paper towel. I've made some really smooth needles this way, and they smelled like vanilla (from the candle) when I was done!
E-mail me if you need more info.
Good luck!

By ros On 07/21/02  

cait - good luck with the circulars, i just learnt to use them and it was v. easy, although the first join was a bit tricky

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