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By seventwelve On 07/18/02  

I really want to make these buttonholes tonight, but my buttonhole foot has gone on vacation without me.

Does anybody know how to make buttonholes without the appropriate foot?

I think I've figured it out on my own, but I'll leave this here in case anybody's got any helpful hints.

By nicegirl512 On 07/18/02  

I've never used a buttonhole foot. I didn't know there even was such a thing. Or is that the transparent foot? Anyway, if your machine has a buttonhole function it's pretty automated. Just use your regular foot.

Caveat: Be sure the needle won't break on your regular foot while using the buttonhole function. I broke soo many needles on my mom's machine with the zipper foot because I'd forget to change the needle position to the side and the needle would pop down onto the solid foot with maximum force.

By seventwelve On 07/18/02  

Well, I did it. And chronicled it.

Buttonhole feet hold your button so it makes the buttonhole the exact right size. That would have been nice. But it worked out OK. Except for the part where the dress doesn't fit, but that has nothing to do with buttonholes. :-)

By stephy g On 07/19/02  

I wanna see the dress! I liked the little I could see on your site. What's ill fitting, if you don't mind me asking?
~stephy g

By monkeyrocker On 07/19/02  

I looked at the documentation of your button-hole-foot-less trials and tribulations--snazzy!

Re: your comment on bobbin thread sneaking up: I have a machine with a button hole function (basically the very short zig-zag like the one you used and a backwards zig-zag), and I'm pretty sure the manual says to loosen the upper tension a notch when sewing a button-hole. I think that would solve your sneaky thread problem.

Oh, and about marking off the button holes: try putting a vertical pin at each end of where you want the button hole to be (just be careful not to hurt your needle!). It's a little clearer than chalk marking...

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