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By Knittinator On 07/18/02  

Ok, I just dont understand these directions from the Ucan2 shell ( Im fine up to here:

Repeat the DEC row every other RS row 4 more times and the WS rows as usual, working stitches as they appear. (56 sts remain.)

Work 13 more rows being sure to make the slipped stitch edge and knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. (Piece from beginning of armhole shaping now measures 7.5").

So... wait.... what does "as usual" mean? and when I work the next 13 rows am i doing it in the same decrease pattern? AHHHHHH Im so confused!!! HELP!


By tigersilk On 07/18/02  

as far as i can make it out, this would be my interpretation:

- 'as usual' means to follow whatever the normal pattern has been up to that point - that is, to just knit or purl that row without doing anything special like decreases or whatever.
ie: do a dec row (on RS)
do a normal row (on WS)
do a dec row (on RS)
do a normal row (on WS)
do a dec row (on RS)
do a normal row (on WS)
do a dec row (on RS)
do a normal row (on WS)
Assuming the pattern is a stocking stitch, the RS will be knitted and the WS will be purled.

- then, after that, follow the normal pattern, but without doing any more decreases, for the next 13 rows.

personally, i haven't quite figured out slipped stitch edging, so that is the part that would confuse me...

good luck!

By bonnell99 On 07/19/02  

hmm, I think the written out ones are slightly off.

You need to decrease every OTHER right side row, so it'd be:

1: First Decrease row RS)
2: normal wrong side row (WS)
3: normal right side row (RS)
4: normal wrong side row (WS)
5: Second Decrease row (RS)
6: normal wrong side row (WS)
7: normal right side row (RS)
8: normal wrong side row (WS)
9: Third Decrease row (RS)
10: normal wrong side row (WS)
11: normal right side row (RS)
12: normal wrong side row (WS)
13: Fourth Decrease row (2)(RS)

you now have 56 stitches, then work another 13 rows with NO decreases. like tigersilk said, when you come to a knit stitch, knit it. when you come to a purl, purl it.

The slipped stitch edging is probably what, slip the first stitch of each row as if to purl with the yarn in front?


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