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By FrankieV On 07/18/02  

hey there--
i'm finally ready to embark on a new project, and am in the dc area for the summer. i don't know of any yarn stores in the area--can someone point the way? anything metro-accessible would be great.

and do any dc knitters know of any knitting groups/ knitting events i could drop in on? i'd love to meet some fellow knitters while i'm here!


By cocoariotgrrrl On 07/20/02  

there is a store in College Park called The Yarn Store, i think. or the Yarn Shoppe, its by Rugged Outwear. in this like strip mall thing. ask someone. grr.. im not as helpfull as i think... ill ask my sister who lives in mount reneir (im in Takoma) tomarrow, how to get there. it might verywell be on the green line.
i dont even know if its still open, but ill try to tell you the street its on.
there is prolly something closer and actually IN dc.
i really hope you like dc. its been kinda humid, though..

By sobriquet On 07/20/02  

I'm pretty sure the yarn place you're talking about is gone. If it's the one I think you mean, a friend's mom used to shop there, but the last time she went, it had disappeared.

Other than that, I can't help. I buy my yarn at Michael's.

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