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By stephela On 07/17/02

I found this through's jewelry site. I don't know too much about the person who makes this stuff, except that she also works in graphic arts.
anyway, the pendants are AMAZING and really different and pretty.
there's a tutorial, and i highly recommend it. it's easy to follow, and what you make comes out looking just as good as it does on the site!
if anybody tries this, post it!
i really want to know if anybody else has success with this technique.

By AudDoll On 07/18/02  

Wow, thanks for the link!

The tutorials look really well done. Maybe I'll try it this weekend and see how it goes.

Did you do it with sterling wire? I keep thinking that I'll invest in some one of these days but it's so expensive. *sigh*

By stephela On 07/18/02  

actually, no sterling for me(for i am poor).
i generally use a heavy gauge of regular, base metal wire or copper--generally, 14-ish. i've also had success using solder wire in its thickest form for this project, since it's still pretty easy to manipulate even though it's a very large gauge.
for any jewelry making with wire, copper looks darn pretty and it's cheap at just about any hardware store. i'm a fan.
anyways, glad you like the site!

By artzyfartzy On 07/18/02  

yes...i have been drooling over that site before.. thanks for the link...i forgot and lost it...

they have quite a selection of artistic wire at JoAnn's..

By nicegirl512 On 07/18/02  

This is awesome! Thanks for the link. I will be trying her tutorial this weekend, I have some of those flat back rhinestones I need to use somehow, and all that 18 ga square tinner copper wire I got a while ago. I just use cheapie wire as well. If you can find it, the Darice silvertone wire is the nicest of the non-precious wires in my opinion, but it's hard to find. I got it at Joann in a random place, it wasn't with the jewelry but on another aisle and I can't remember which now. Some people have said they find it in the dollmaking section.

By nicegirl512 On 07/19/02  

Girls: You MUST do this tutorial! I made two last night and they are gorgeous (sadly I have no scanner or digi camera to show my work). The first I made with black faceted glass beads (outside layer), amethyst ghost 4 mm druks (very pale purple with aurora borealis coating on one side) (inside layer), and tiny purple seed pearls. It's gorgeous.

The second is made from 6 mm amber glass faceted beads, 4 mm citrine glass faceted beads, and black iris seed beads, with turquoise chips as the focal center.

Each one takes an hour or less.

As for wire gauge, for both frames I used 18 ga square tinned copper wire (just cause I have it) wrapped around the handle of my rolling pin. For stringing, on the first one I used 26 ga sterling silver, which was a little too hard to work with. So on the second one I used 34 ga art wire, but I fear it's not strong enough. I'm going to look for some 30 ga wire this weekend.

By Kaetchen On 07/19/02  

I've used a technique really similar, learned in a beading class. It works and is very quick once you have in mind what you want to do. Fun!

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