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By seniorsweetie On 07/17/02

By goddess On 07/17/02  

thanks for the post! i'm thinking you could use 12 gauge vinyl instead of doubling the plastic (joanne's even has colored vinyl, about $4 a yard), and also use grommits if you didn't want to stitch it. pockets would be great for those postcards we want to display too :)

hmmmm, may have to try this one!

By BarmackAttack On 07/17/02  

i adore this purse!

By artzyfartzy On 07/17/02  

thanks for that link...finally another visual...that purse is cute..i've had a few ideas whirling in my head ...which is something almost like that!!...

By stephela On 07/17/02  

oh, i really like this idea!
i think i'd make it with large artwork and less clear space; maybe a collage?
anyway, thanks for posting this!

By artzyfartzy On 07/17/02  

the only thing is...i dont understand the whole purse handle..I see them on there...but how do they get them on?????? I read the instructions on the site --- but i dont get it.. : |

By nicegirl512 On 07/18/02  

On attaching the purse handles:
I'm guessing she used handles shaped like a capital D. When cutting out the front and back of the purse, she didn't cut them out as plain rectangles, but as rectangles with a flap on the top.

Then to sew on the handles she folded down the flaps and blanket stitched them in place.

As for purchasing handles, jtsang (I believe) gave a link for a macrame supply website that had bamboo handles amazingly cheap, but I can't find the post. This may be it,

By jtsang On 07/18/02  

hee hee, thanks for the credit Trena, but to quote shaggy, "wasn't me" :) I do wonder if I could cut up my shower curtain when I move as it's clear. Does anyone know how to wash it so I can get the spots off? It always has water spot residue on it...I'm afraid tilex might melt it.

By nicegirl512 On 07/18/02  

I know of people that wash their shower curtains in the wash machine (just don't put it in the dryer!). I use that fresh shower stuff, Arm & Hammer makes one and so does Tilex, that you spray on after every shower. You're supposed to spray it on the shower curtain, which I do, and I haven't noticed much spotting on my curtain (not that I've looked), so maybe that will work. If all else fails you can try the miracle cleaning cure, baking soda.

By jtsang On 07/18/02  

Good idea, it's just clear plastic, what could go wrong? :)
Also do you see the purse itself anywhere? All I saw was a link to the directions and lots of comments on how cool it looks

By nicegirl512 On 07/18/02  

Hm, the graphic is on the instructions page, on the right hand side. The purse is hanging on a doorknob. Maybe your browser is having problems displaying it?

By jtsang On 07/19/02  

Nope, just an ad for Nair, oh well :)

By artzyfartzy On 07/19/02  

thanks for that gonna go take a lOOkey at prices for those handles...

By waves of joy On 07/17/02  

i do love this purse too. :) i might have to try it!
and i especially love the link to the swell lady who wrote all the diy ideas for teenmag: -- cute ideas with crafts, cooking, etc.
i'm loving the reading so far:)

By libby On 07/17/02  

Thanks for including the link to the pix - my visualization skills leave much to be desired when I try to just picture something based only on text! I'm wondering if the handles used are those round or oval types that are showing up in a lot of popular summer totes/bags this year? I've thought of doing similar with largish plastic embroidery hoops instead because I'm not sure where to find the handles or where to find them cheap (and I think folks have already scoured the thrift stores for them cuz I haven't seen old purse with those great handles!).

I'm thinking I'd prob. make a sturdy denim or canvas inner purse for strength. And I think Joann's and similar stores still sell fusible clear vinyl that could be fun to experiment with. The article mentions maybe making button sor handles or whatever out of polymer clay. I'm not very polymer savvy - would polymer handles be fairly sturdy? Would it help to form the clay over a coat-hanger curve or something for strength?

By Bumble V On 07/17/02  

I really enjoy Polymer clay but as a fault, it does break easily. So unless it's just for sitting somewhere, the slightest drop will break it. However, they do have the new bendable sculpey. I made a little stick girl figure with wire appendages. After baking, I could bend her arms and legs in a number of poses before breaking. Maybe that would work. Let me know!

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