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By RaveOn83 On 07/11/02  

Mon amie from denver was showing off her new purse her friend made out of a cigar box. I was superenvious, that is, until she told me it cost her $100... A HUNDRED BUCKS!!! thats insane... apparently the "handle was expensive." what. the. fuck.

am i aloud to curse on a post? hmmmmmm...

anyway, for all you crafty girls out there, this was supercute, i have to give her that. she lined the inside with leopard-print fabric and the outside she... what's it called?... i dunno, covered it with pictures of vintage pin up girls... DECOUPAGE! thats it...i think.
right well, totally cool, but hell-no worth $100.
think of the endless possiblities!


By RaveOn83 On 07/12/02  

hmmm, as i look around a little more, it appears my topic is a bit passe... i don't think i even spelled "decoupage" humiliating, and i thought i was being so hip. oh well, i'll try again... some day...


By vintagehybrid On 07/14/02  

hey, don't be sad! i think that sounds really cool. i might even try to make one myself. what did she make the handle out of anyways, that was so expensive?


By clayfaery On 07/16/02,1158,CRHO_project_13520,00.html

found this and thought it might help..


By sharem On 08/07/02  

raveon don't be sad ur hip.
if u do a search for cigar boxes u can find all types of posts on it

By twiggs On 08/08/02  

i found these while doing a search for something else..these prices are scoffable as well..i don't know why i didn't think up this myself, the concept and design are so simple!hope it helps!

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