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By kcaob On 06/27/02  

hi i am collecting cigar boxes and i want to make cool crafts with them. will someone please let me know of any good ideas..... thanks

By gromit On 06/27/02  

decoupage decoupage decoupage!

By starxduzt On 06/27/02  

cigarbox purse! they look really neat.

By ShabbyChick On 06/27/02  

A little while ago there was a thread about turning them into desktop zen gardens. If you try a search several links should pull up.

By twiggs On 08/08/02  

i found these while doing a search for something else and rememberd there was a post mentiong them..check out the prices! we could make these for SO much less..the concept is so simple i don't know why i didn't think of it myself! haha hope this is useful!

By ursonate On 06/27/02  

ant farm

By CraftyChicaAZ On 06/29/02  

collect a gob of odds and ends and photos or postcards and make wall shrines!!! they are sooo absolutely fun to make and very addicting!! here's a link to some i've made...

By starxduzt On 06/29/02  

wow those are really cool....i like them me an idea for a mexican inspired wall shrine.

By jennymeg On 06/30/02  

Where do you find cigar boxes if you don't know anyone who smokes 'em? Are they a commodity like altoid tins? I only have one cigar box. I wish there was an easy way to get more without having to empty my pockets!

By shawneemonkey On 06/30/02  

see if any local cigar shops sell 'em for cheap, or check out some thrift/antique shops, sometimes they have 'em for sale. OR sometimes they have boxes just like cigar boxes at michael's or joann - they're usually made to hold school supplies, and they have them for around a dollar.

By kcaob On 06/30/02  

thanks for everyones ideas.

does anyone have any tips on decopauging? it seems the pictures (usually from magazines) always get bumpy.

my mum works at a mobile gas station. i guess cigars are really popular now cos kids are taking out the tobacco and filling it with weed. anyways, she goes through at least 2 boxes a week, and thats just at a gas station. if i were you i'd go anywhere they sell cigars and just talk to the people who work there, i'm sure they will save them for you, as long as you come regularly to pick them up.


p.s. i would love to make a purse. do you think it would work without wooden boxes?


i went to the paint/wallpaper store, and i got some old wallpapering books. one of them is Persian wallpaper, but it is cloth, like a rug. i have been lining the insides of my boxes with this. and they give the wallpaper books for free too!

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