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By fringe_girl On 06/11/02  

i see everyone writing about marble magnets but could someone tell me how to make them?


By s_q On 06/11/02  

Hello and welcome
There are a lot of thread about this, you can find some at this FAQ site>

Also, try using the seach feature...

By Gurlegirla On 06/11/02  

I just made my first ones! Yays

By shuttrrbug On 06/11/02  

here we go again ;)

By kategirl On 06/11/02  

lol. but it's a great feeling, the first time. don't you remember that feeling?

By s_q On 06/11/02  

I thought the first time was supposed to hurt...

By blueduvet On 06/11/02  

the first time involved a lot of sticky fingers...but it was worth it.

By kategirl On 06/11/02  

oh my! look at all of us lil dirty minds! ;)

By BettyVespa On 06/12/02  

Hey Fringe,
I have instructions posted on my site if you want to check them out- they include pics for easy instructions.>
Click on the "Ideas and Info" button at the top of the main page and it will be in the projects section.
They're addicting!

By 007fairy On 06/13/02  

Betty, your website is awesome. I bookmarked it. Thanks for sharing.

By BettyVespa On 06/14/02  

Why, Thank you!
Have fun making your mags!

By lulabelle On 06/19/02  

I just made the *coolest* marble magnet from a tick I found on me (from camping):

First I drowned the little mutherfucker in Vaseline, then the next day I cleaned it off with rubbing alcohol. Then I glued it to a piece of white paper using a generous dollop of E-6000. I used a straight pin to make sure all the legs were sticking out in the proper directions, although they seemed to stiffen out nicely of their own accord once squished under the marble. Magnet below, marble on top, and voila! What a great souvenir.

(It was a lone star tick, BTW.)


By tallulah On 06/19/02  

too cool Lynda! Way to take it to the next level! HA!

By SassieCass On 06/19/02  

Serves him right for gettin' a free ride.

By blueduvet On 06/19/02  

oh that so rocks, lynda!

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