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By - - - grace___ On 06/11/02  

i've come to terms with the fact that i won't be moving out of my low-light room anytime soon, so I'm trying to figure out some ways to make it seem brighter (short of boring a hole in the wall). it is a large room with high ceilings and one window that (in true ny apartment style) looks out the alley between my bldg and the bldg next door. i guess it's brightest in the morning, though that's not really saying much. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas about the kinds of colors that will make it seem brighter / less dingy. i was thinking of painting the ceiling a light blue, but beyond that, i'm stumped. (the theme of the room is red/white/blue stuff that's not americana, with a sort of down and out expatriate feel -- think 'the year of living dangerously')


By violet On 06/11/02  

i just read a book called Colour Forward that explains all the tecniques of colour in your life, home, dress, etc....... for a low light room, blue would make it feel depressing and cold, becasue of the way yr eye reacts with the colour blue in low lighting. try some yellow based light colours, neautrals, etc. don't use pure yellow- it'll make things seem obnoxiously cheery. paiting something one colour on the bottom and one colour for the top/celing enlongates a room as well.

By Tigrrrl On 06/11/02  

I can vouch for yellow making a room seem brighter. My whole house is dark inside owing to the tree cover and mid-70's ranch styling (i.e. small and few windows). The previous owners painted the front bathroom a light yellow which matches the light yellow tile (and the ceiling is light blue.) The yellows aren't that bright, but the room looks and feels REALLY bright. It's too bright for me, but it's the boy's *ahem* favorite bathroom to hang out in, so yellow it stays.

By s_q On 06/11/02  

Mirrors too can be helpfull...

By velvet On 06/11/02  

LOL i was going to say yellow too...

By kickarse On 06/11/02  

I had a yellow bedroom... my landlord painted our entire apartment yellow with the idea that it would seem sunny and happy in grey old Seattle.

It made my husband and I feel anxious and jumpy when we woke up in the morning, and unable to fall asleep at night. It makes things more light, sure, but it drove us crazy!! It's now periwinkle blue and we sleep much better.

By cochineal On 06/12/02  

I would go with plain ol' white on this one. I had a blue bedroom as a kid, and although I thought it looked really funky it did suck up a lot of the light.
Our current place has yellowish cream walls (and is fairly low-light too) and they make me feel kinda nauseous.
Besides with white you can change your decorating style all the time if you want - everything'll go! ;-)

By ursonate On 06/12/02  

I would buck all conventional wisdom and go with a deeply saturated color like red or violet and then use candlelight to make it glow!

By jane_bond On 06/12/02  

Yeah, listen to that last gal.

Conventional wisdom says one should paint rooms with lots of natural light as light as possible and rooms with very little natural light with very vibrant colours. Also, invest in a couple of lamps to distribute soothing pools of light around the room.

I had a royal blue room once and I found it deeply peaceful. A good strong blue with white trim would be really.

By fruitbat On 06/12/02  

Another vote of confidence for dark colors - I had a friend who painted a very small dark room dark red. She liked the den-cave-thing. It was dark but it was really warm.

If you do go with yellow - I would, I painted my bedroom yellow and I LOVE it - and you want white trim, choose a very very pale yellow instead of white. Plain white makes the yellow look orange.

How about white with one yellow wall, or one red all, or something?

Or, forget about the walls, paint them whatever color, and just invest in some good lighting, take some time to figure out what kind of light you'd need (shaded, pointing up maybe) to make the room feel brighter and warmer.

By 007fairy On 06/12/02  

The bedroom in my apartment is dark blue, low light and I love it. The rest of my apt is white with low light and I also love it. I have become a collector of lamps. So either way, I would say pick your fave color and get some nice lamps. I like to buy bases and make my owned shades with beaded fringe.

**edited to add** Thrift for old lamps and if they aren't the greatest looking a can of spray paint really comes in handy.

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