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By amberleigh On 06/07/02  

i've got a couple of altoid-like tins and i'd like to try my hand at decorating them for a marble magnet set i made for my friend. can someone tell about how to do this? it looks simple enough but i'd like some direction... just to be safe ;) do you paint the boxes or cover them with paper? i don't think my friend would really like to clay-covered look so i was thinking of covering it with pictures. any suggestions would be great! thanks!!!

be blessed,

By lilyblue On 06/07/02  

you paint the lids. you can prime them but that is not necessary. I have used spray paint but you can use acrylic paints.

By SkyPrincessJo On 06/07/02  

i've painted them and covered them with paper.

i roughed up the surface slightly with some fine grain sandpaper. not too much. i painted it with a coat of gesso (helps cover up the writing and supposed to help the paint stick) first and followed that with acryllic paint. i like to sprinkle glitter on the final coat of paint. i usually mod podge paper cutouts on top of that with several layers. when all is done, i cover it with a couple coats of spray clear acrylic sealer.

i just started some of these and i'm just using mod podge to glue the paper on and around the tins. a couple layers of it on top of it all. i plan to finish these up with some coats of the spray acrylic sealer.

i've also found some pages on the web where they have directions for decorating tins with polymer clay and then baking them. that looked pretty cool, but i haven't tried it. have fun!!

By shawneemonkey On 06/07/02  

another tip for gluing pics on top: after sanding to rough the surface, use "YES" paste to glue the pictures on. that stuff works like a wonder. after it's completely dry/set, cover with several layers of water-based varnish. i have pics of some of my tins on my website:
have fun!

By amberleigh On 06/07/02  

thanks you guys! you've been a great help!

be blessed,

By shannon On 06/07/02  

i know you said just for marble magnets, but i once made my friends some marble magnets with marble pushpins, and i decorated altoid tins..for the pushpins part i got little peices of styrofoam and covered them with fabric and then stuck them right in the bottom of the tin. if you get just the right size of styrofoam then it pops in and stays, and you don't need to glue it or anything.-

By jessiebeans On 06/07/02  

Thanks--I was wondering about this myself!

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