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By redpixiegrrl On 06/06/02  

I love these purses!
(watch out for obnoxious music on the last link)

I really have no desire (or the budget for that matter) to spend $100 plus on them though. I would like to decoupage or cover one with cloth. Has anyone made one of these? If so, what hardware did you use? Where did you get the purse handles? Any help/tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

By Knittinator On 06/07/02  

I dont have any help but I tried to make a cigar box purse but coudltn find a clasp for it so IM interested in this thread too!
-Susan (who just recently spilled water on her keyboards rendering all punctuation except for ! useless)

By meguiar On 06/07/02  

I haven't made one of these, but am seriously thinking about it. OK - going to as soon as I get the stuff and get home (visiting parents then 5 day - uggggghhhh! - business meeting - ugggghhhh! - but I brought embroidery stuff so at least I can be creative on my time off!) - so here's my ideas. I'm going to check out the thrift stores for a handle - could maybe get all the hardware for the purse this way...hmmm. Anyway, I find that purse/bag handles, clasps, etc are hard to find in the store - at least in my rural area - and are cheap and attainable from the thrift store. Although, those beaded handles on one of those sites are really cool and would be super ease - just have to find really strong cord, maybe wire. I think I'm going to paint, then decoupage - man, you could glue all kinds of stuff on this thing. Plus, maybe drill, and use wire and beads - oh, the ideas are flowing. Hope this helps. Have fun!


By Mona Mew On 06/08/02  

Some of the handles on those purses were just drawer pulls: try hardware store or thriftstore. The beaded ones are probably strung on wire, like meguiar suggested. As for the "real" purse handles, try a thriftstore for an ugly purse that has a handle with potential. I haven't made one of these before, but I imagine you would drill thru the cigar box and attach the handle with screws, much like a door handle/drawer pull. Hope I'm sending you in the right direction. :o)

By cleanout On 06/08/02  

i made one with a wooden box. decoupaged vintage wonder woman comics on one side, and covered the other three sides in faux fur. the handle and clasp came from the hardware store. my advice? bring the box with you to the hardware store to find something that you're sure will fit.

have fun!

By Taylor715 On 06/08/02  

Does anyone know whether or not this would work on a cardbord cigar box?

By HotGlueMama On 06/09/02  

You'd have to be careful not to moosh the cardboard too much attaching handles and clasp, and screws are right out. Brads 'n' glue would probably do the trick, though.

By redpixiegrrl On 06/10/02  

Get Crafty Grrls,

Thanks for all the great tips! Keep 'em coming.:-)

After MUCH searching, I found instructions for these purses on HGTV's web site (Carol Duvall Show). They aren't as detailed as I would like, but they're better than nothing!

Go to
and enter the search term "cigar purse"

Thank you again,

By kittyblack On 06/10/02  

the totally awesome chicks at ArtChix Studio had an REALLY detailed spread in their zine, Artitude, (Winter issue, I think?) about making cigar box purses. You can probably order a back issue. Their website is >
Good luck!

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