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By disposition On 06/04/02  

so i've been looking for a pen pal for the longest time. to some pen pal-ing might not be crafty, but to me...well. i mean, think of all the neato things you can do with a letter! you can decorate it in 1 million and 1 different ways. you can ever send little handmade (or not) gifts to each other.

giving out addresses and all that is a very touchy subject for some-this is understandable. puh-lease email me if you are interested

ps. i would love to have a pen pal from another country (i'm in the US), but any response is appreciated. :o)

By Bianca Levi On 06/05/02  

I would like to have a penpal from another country too! maybe we can try to attract some of our internation glitterati to this thread!

By tiNAna On 06/05/02  

hEYhEY! I'm a glitterati from Singapore..hmm anyone interested?

By lela_star On 06/05/02  

Hey me to! (I've sent email to you disposition).

Is anyone interested in a snail mail penpal to me. I live in Aus. and would love a overseas penpal.

If so email me

By Jaz-o-matic On 06/05/02  

My old roomie bought me all sorts of neato airmail paper when she was staying in Japan, but now she's back in the States and it's all going to waste! I'm up for all sorts of penpals. I'm at, drop me a line!

By artzyfartzy On 06/05/02  

hi, i think a penpal is a great idea..and my mom just gave me some cool old retro 70's stationary i've been wanting to use!

my email is

By blueduvet On 06/05/02  

ooh, I want a penpal too! how is this being organized? my email address is

By disposition On 06/05/02  

blue- i guess its not really being organized. just email whoever you'd like to be penpals with.

By lottie On 06/05/02  

oh i wanna penpal.

By hales00 On 06/06/02  

I'm 20 & from cali and would like a pen pal in aus...any takers?
e-mail me at

By barbed.velvet On 06/07/02  

hey... im looking for pen pals too!
um... id love to send home made stuff and other little presents/exchanges..
i just got some really rad stationary from the 60's at this resale shop and im dying to use it!

if anyone is interested - email me at


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