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By hales00 On 05/20/02  

i recently attended a hawaiian craft fair where they had these great ribbon leis- for graduation and stuff. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make them, and where to get ribbon cheap (some one told me it takes 30+ yards)
thanx :-)

By OrangeShooze On 05/21/02  

I don't know what a ribbon lei is (but I'd love to hear a description or see a picture) -- so I don't know what kind of ribbon you'd need. But if it helps, try for grosgrain, organza, different satins...


By smachel On 05/21/02  

my roommate in college was from hawaii... i always envied her because at her graduation, she got all kinds of leis (candy, flower, ribbon, yarn, MONEY)

from what i remember, you fold the ribbon back and forth on itself (like you would if you were making a paper fan) and then get your needle/thread and go through the middle. i wouldn't use the really wide ribbon with the wire on the outside (can't remember the term), but if you could find a smaller width, i think it would be okay. of course, that's more expensive than plain ol' satin ribbon of varying lengths.

i think there are different ways to make the ribbon leis; i'm not sure which one you saw.

By nicegirl512 On 05/21/02  

I searched google and found this one.> Uses 12 yards (6 yards each of two colors), and has photos and directions.

I'm not sure if that's the kind you're looking for. I found lots of pictures of another kind, but no directions.

You could also take your ribbon and a strong needle with long, strong thread. Make a knot in the thread and pull through one end of the ribbon. Fold the ribbon over at a 90 degree angle, pull the needle through, fold again at a 90 degree angle, pull needle through, etc., etc. ad infinitum. This will result in a triangular shaped lei, I think it would be pretty cute (if totally inauthentic).

By jtsang On 06/04/02  

Hey Trena,
I just made the lei on the top. It was pretty easy althought I'm not sure what a loop knot is, so I probably messed it up but I just tied a bow at the end so it looks like part of the bow. It's cool, and for anyone looking for half inch ribbon, I didn't find it, just got offray spool of ribbon with the loops on it in 5/16th width, it worked really nicely. Also as a tip, since your'e looping stuff, you don't need to unroll the whole roll either, just a little bit at a time, and offray's spool of ribbon is great b/c it's the right length (6 yards) plus it's only 89 cents a spool....woo hoo!

By vintage lilac On 06/04/02  

call me crazy, but when I first saw the title of this thread I assumed it would look something like my crocheted, loopy "boa" scarf, only smaller and made out of ribbons. I actually think that would look cooler. These to me look like those lainards(sp?) we used to make in girl scout camp. just my opinion.........

By jtsang On 06/04/02  

You're right, it is very lanyardy, but those were the only instructions, the second article had beautiful photos but no instructions :(. I'm wondering if the one she holds in her right hand, the red and yellow one is just two of the lanyard style twisted together? Also I'm wondering if the lanyard style is supposed to be like the green ones that hang open...maybe that's how they weave the maile leaves?
I'll try searching out some other links :)
edited to change ti to maile and to say i didn't find any more links that what is already known. bummer.

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