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By seventwelve On 05/03/02  

I have about 15 yards of broadcloth that I'm no longer using for it's original intended purpose. It's a bit thin to be clothing on it's own, but... what about a reversible sundress?

I'm thinking something tube-like with straps, something simple. Maybe a cute row of buttons across the top decoratively so that the straps can be button on, or it can be strapless, but it's not weird to have those two buttons there. Maybe a heavy thread visible hem across the bottom in a contrasting color that matches the buttons!

So I was just thinking I could take a regular pattern, cut it twice, and sew them together, more or less. Anything wrong with this plan?

Maybe I can even get it finished before the honeymoon and cut down on things to pack!

By clarice On 05/03/02  

I bought a pattern for a sleeveless dress which was fully lined... basically two dresses sewn together at the neck and armholes... it was quite straightforward to make (I've made two).. it could quite easily be turned to a reversable dress....

I'll try and find a link to the pattern... wait a minute!

By nicegirl512 On 05/03/02  

The only thing that would be a problem is closure. It's hard to zip/button/snap something up from the inside. I think the reversible concept is best suited to a wrap dress. Or a wrap skirt/pareo/swimsuit cover-up. (This is assuming broadcloth isn't a stretch fabric; my recollection is that it's not.)

By kategirl On 05/03/02  

or some sundresses just go on over your head, don't even need a way to open and close it... that would be even simpler.

By libby On 05/05/02  

I have a few reversible wardrobe patterns I got a year or so ago (I haven't seen "reversible wardrobes" in the pattern books since). I wear about a 12 and am 5'8". If you'd like to borrow them, I could sock them in the mail on Monday just let me know (my email is in my profile).

I can't say how any would turn out - I've been too lazy to do much but cut out the pattern pieces. Each pattern packet tends to have a set of reversible sleeveless dress-loose jacket-easy pullover top-pants-and skirt. Oh, and I think they are for regular woven cloth (like cotton broadcloth, linen, etc.) rather than stretchy knit fabric.

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