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By seniorsweetie On 05/02/02  

Ok did any one see the TLC's Trading Spaces episode? I want Laurie's coffee table in episode 27, Santa Clara: Lafayette Street! With the seating in the coffee table. How do I do that?!?

Here's a link to see what I mean click on Laurie's room....


By amberleigh On 05/03/02  

i've been trying for quite sometime to figure out how to explain this one... i can't give instructions or explain something to save my life! i even tried drawing it out in my paint program... i thought about uploading it and then posting the link but the picture wasn't much help anyway..... the only way i can give any help is this...

make it like you see it. use measurements of course. the "table" seems to be nothing more than a box with two open sides with 4 solid boxes (the seats) that fit inside the table... handels drawer pulls attatched to the outter sides of the 4 seats for easy removal. lol.... i know this is nothing you haven't thought of yourself. sorry i'm not much help. i remember seeing the show and thinking how cool it'd be to make one of those so i just HAD to try to help. it looks so simple. maybe you could draw it and take it to your local home depot (or similar) and show it to one of the handy-lookin folks in the wood section. maybe they could help? good luck!

be blessed,

By overcoat On 05/03/02  

I think in general it is just a box with four H type settings inside.

Definatly draw it out (with measurements) and do what is said above about asking your hardware people about what you should use, etc.

It doesn't appear to be that difficult, but I have not tried drawing it so I could be wrong.

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