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By stardemi On 04/30/02  

Can anybody think of a good product that a crafty person can make in large quantity and sell to retail stores? I am willing to assemble for somebody else. I am an older women who is looking to make more income on the side, and I think crafting is good for my soul. So combine both and I want to make things for money. I was thinking jewelery, lace pillowcase covers, or cigar box altars. I need to make something that will sell, is simple but beautiful, and the materials cost right for the time to produce. I need more ideas! Any and all ideas are welcome.

Demi (writing for her sweet sweet mother)

By gerberagirl On 05/01/02  

What about cards (birthdays, weddings etc)? I've seen a few of the local giftshops with stands of handmade cards by local artists, they seem to be fairly popular.

Some of the ones I've seen have dried flowers on the front, some designs from paper, a photo glued onto the front...

You wouldn't need to buy a lot of tools or materials to get started, which lets you trial how well they will sell without too much outlay.

Hope you find the perfect craft! :)

By stardemi On 05/01/02  


Thank you for the suggestion! That would work, but most of the stores around here already have that type of stuff. Keep those ideas coming!


By SmudgyCat On 05/01/02  

melt and pour soaps with stuff in them...could be marketed as grandma's soap...the stuff you wish your grandma made for you. teehee.

making tiara's for wedding gowns is another idea, but it may take a bit of practice.

making gourmet doggy treats. no fda health regs then...

if knitting/crocheting skills are present, maybe bikini tops and bottoms and sell to some expensive stores that cater to people with too much money?

By sarahliz On 05/01/02  

Okay, to steal material from another glitter posting, how about unique hair accessories? All you need, it seems to me, is a few chopsticks for hairsticks, some plain barettes, some pony tail holders, a glue gun, and whatever textiles and found objects strike your fancy.
Also, at my work we sell these bracelets for a RIDICULOUS price that are hand made a local woman. She takes a lot of safety pins, and loads them up on both sides with pretty crystal beads. Then she runs elastic throungh the heads and the bottoms and voila! forty five minutes of work and a chic cuff like bracelet. Makes me sick when I think of how easy it is and how much money people will pay for them.
And if you make these things, hit up your local chi-chi salons to sell them. Rich women will impulse buy your crafts after highlighting their hair. Trust me. i see it every day.

By SpanishFly On 05/01/02  

Those bracelets sound cool, how does she fasten them?

By leanne-at-home On 05/02/02  

i made marble magnets for my best friend for xmas and used all different religious iconography (the sacred heart with flames, buddha, krishna, day of the dead images, mary, jesus...) and when her brother (a huge designer in Toronto - he used to design literary covers and now is in charge of re-imaging a MAJOR public gallery) saw them, suggested that I could sell them in shops for $$$$.

Also, enviro-tex pendants with beads and clock parts are kinda cool and I've seen those at cool shops.

By sarahliz On 05/02/02  

I'm not really sure, actually. I'll take a good look at them tomorrow and get back to you. It might be as simple as tying the elastic. Maybe with a drop of glue to ensure they don't come undone.

By asianlynn On 05/02/02  

I make little wood burned boxes. All you do is find the little boxes Wal-mart has them for 97cents and burn a cool design on them color them with crayola super tips markers and put a clear varnish on them. It doesn't ake long and they sell like chocolate chip pancakes!

By stardemi On 05/02/02  

Keep those ideas coming! My mom is loving this and I really want her creative juices to flow. She has always made really neat stuff but her deal is that she thinks no one else likes them but her. I just want her to make some money because she has no extra cash for herself! Any more ideas!

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