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By Knittinator On 04/28/02  

I want to cover my nasty old brown telephone completely in glitter. What glue would work best? I was thinking elmers white glue painted all over and then a coat of acrylic spray. Would that work?

By angeleryn On 04/28/02  

acrylic spray may very well "melt" the color off the i would do a test on paper first. :)

By klara.detroit On 04/29/02  

my friend painted her cellular with glitter nailpolish.
turned out nicely. still holds even though she doesn't treat the poor phone with much care..
her dog tried to eat it.

By Knittinator On 04/29/02  

Well theonyl reason i thought of the acrylic spray is bc we did it with something the kids at work had covered with glitter and it stayed, but testing it is a good idea. Id thought about nail polish too but this is a normal phone whish means it would take A LOT of polish, and probably a lot of coats and Im just not that patient lol.

By sweater_grrl On 04/29/02  

i would mix the glitter with whatever glue you use, so the glitter will really be stuck in the glue and won't just flake off. sealing it with some kind of spray is also a good idea.

By SassieCass On 04/29/02  

I did this in college. Depending on what kind of phone you have, unplug it, and take it as much apart as you can while making sure you can put it back together. Mine had 4 little screws holding the plastic cover over the electrical stuff and push button pad. If you can't take it apart, just be really careful you don't get any glitter particles and/or glue into the speaker holes, between the # buttons, etc.

Lightly sand the plastic cover of your phone so that there's some texture for the glitter to hold to.

Mix lots of glitter with mod podge. Use more glitter than you think you'll need, but make sure that it's sill a thin consistency, not gloppy.

Paint on a thin layer and let it dry completely. Do at least 3 layers, depending on how it's covering. Seal it with a last layer of just Mod Podge.

F.Y.I.: after the glitter, I Mod Podged on a picture of me and my best friend in London onto the handle, then sealed it - a great way to personalize it - you can use other stuff like stickers, gum wrappers, etc.

Mine was silver and purple glitter over a black phone and it was the envy of the dorm.

By Bizwitch On 04/29/02  

cass, that sounds so cool! too bad my bf would have a fucking conniption if i glittered one of our phones. he gets annoyed by the glitter everywhere else in the house. (on me, lots of surfaces, in the carpet, all over the garage...) he even got me a tub to do glitter projects over. it's called "the glitter bucket" and it's absolutely covered in tons of it. it really doesn't help though, it still goes everywhere. when i bought my piano, someone had even managed to get glitter paint or polish on it. i didn't care though.


By SassieCass On 04/30/02  

Bizzy, your email addy re-inspired me to do a new phone to put in my bathroom!

It's a beach theme, and I'm gonna do waves of blue or green glitter and decoupage pics of mermaids on the handset.

If I actually do it and can figure out how to use my roommae's digital camera, I'll post pics. I think there might be a pic of the phone from college... If I can find it, I'll let y'all know.

*edited to add*:

KEEP any bf who buys you crafy stuff. That's LUV! I've had too many who either didn't 'get it' or who thought I was weird.

By Dilettante On 04/30/02  

ooooh! i must do this! i have a fugly phone in the bedroom, glitter would be mahvelous ...

By vicky_vale On 05/01/02

This was made by Trish here on glitter!

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