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By DwStrayCat19 On 04/26/02  

It's going to be a few months before I get married, but I'm already looking in to doing as much of the work as I can. I would really appreciate any ideas I could get! Even bachelorette party ideas. Those should be fun.

By lumo On 04/26/02  

i'm helping my best friend with her wedding (in september)... and we're doing a lot of the stuff together. here are a few of the things we're doing, and a few 'just ideas' -- as suggestions:

-ribbon roses (for bouquet/corsage etc.)
-home-made favours for guests (see
-she's borrowing a lot of stuff (jewelry, hair ornaments etc.) from people (me!) like my antique blue hair pin... which i have yet to buy... so that it will be NEW to me, OLD in general, BLUE, and she'll BORROW it all in one go!
-look into having a dress made (or altered) to fit you perfectly... go vintage... then see a seamstress for the touch ups...
-small potted ferns instead of large scale flower arrangements...
-have the ceremony or reception in a friends back yard. taa-daa... no rental fee!!
-bake your own cake... or ask a friend to! or do it with someone...

:) there are a lot of diy sites on line for 'wedding crafts' and 'diy wedding' things. give a search and see what it pulls up... and remember, the more you do yourself, the more you'll love everything. there is a whole lot of truth to the saying "if you want something done right, do it yourself!" :)

...and lastly, but certainly not least, have fun.

By Bertiebots On 04/26/02  

Also,depending on how little cash you have...
you can have your wedding at museums and gardens for a reasonable price. For the tables, borrow from people or pick up round pieces of large wood and place on filled trash cans. (I saw it on Martha Stewart but I can't remember what the trick to keeping them from tipping is.) Also, go to the racks and get material to drape over. Oh I remember what else she did for the table...put one layer of fabric then place another and she pulled the four edges up and pinned them there then put bows or ribbon flowers. At any party store you can get a bx of wedd. bubbles (~20 to a bx for $3) and you can get a few bags of wedding confetti and sprinkle them on the table or if you really don't have the money put rice on the table. I have lots of ideas what kind of wedding is it? More traditional or modern and do you have a color scheme or a theme?

By DwStrayCat19 On 04/26/02  

Thank you! There are more ideas here in one night then there are in my post somewhere else that's been up for days! Well, I want the wedding to be in a church. I know that that will be costly. I want a kind of fantasy wedding where anything I say goes. I, myself, have a personality that crosses modern with traditional so the wedding will probably a miss between the two. Well get married in December so our colors will be baby blue, light pink, and pale purple. They remind me of snowflakes. I have already decided on party favors. I'm going to print out some old style stationary, add our new address labels, and tie it with a ribbon. There will be one in every place setting. I'm also going to try to get sponsored so the dress and cake and stuff aren't really expensive to me. Plus everyone gets tee shirts with our design on the front and our sponsors on the back. I saw it on Oprah. I would still love to do as much of the work myself as I can. I also plan to have a gathering of the women in about October to help finish and make some of the things.

By gadgetgirl On 04/26/02  

I don't understand, how does one get a sponsor for a wedding? Do you mean like a wedding dress place will sponsor you and lend you a dress?
I'm confused.
(But that's nothing new...)

By vintage lilac On 04/26/02  


yeah, clue me in on the sponsorship thingy. Never heard of it before.

By CraftyJo On 04/28/02  

For a wedding dress...I don't understand why more people don't do most department stores you can get beautiful simple white prom dresses for less than $50, if you accessorize right it can look great and sense it's going to be after prom season the dresses should be a steal.

By leanne-at-home On 04/28/02  

Here's what I'm doing for my wedding attire: I'm knitting a loose tank (ribbed edges, loose tube top with I-cord straps) and a short capelet and beading the edges (you'll find it in an ad in the current Martha Stewart Weddings mag somewhere in the last half of the mag). The I'm making a below the knee length a-line skirt. You could easily make or buy one of those ball-gown style skirts in satin for winter and knit the top in angora or cashmere - looks very chic and will cost as much as about 5 or 6 balls of wool (or coton for me as I'll be in Vegas in July!) and beads and the skirt material (which for me will just be 1 or 2 meters).

Very thrifty AND crafty!

Tips for savings mucho dollars: a) cocktail receptions, b) afternoon tea receptions, c) receptions on a Thursday or Friday evening, d) service and receptions that do not conincide with any lunch or dinner hours, e) lunch reception, d)service at the reception hall...

By lumo On 04/29/02  

leanne! i didn't realize you were getting hitched so soon!! wow! i'd love to send you a little something :) just a little "congrats!" thingy :) let me know! (email me) what are your wedding colours? all white/creme? eee! exciting! i was thinking of doing the knitted tank for my friend for her wedding attire, too! smart cookie... ;)

By mirya On 04/29/02  

My fiance and I are getting married in about a year, and we're using the Arboretum at the University we free free, with just a "Gift" of any amount to the Arboretum...

Try local Universities for free or low cost wedding and reception sites...I know our school rents out the Grand Ballroom for about $150, not including the purchase of food...

A lot of hotels also have conference rooms that can be rented for cheap and spruced up....

And don't don't don't buy those gawd awful expensive wedding magazines....good ideas? yes!! can you get them at your library and photocopy the ideas you like?! TRIPLE YES!

Hope that helps!

By seventwelve On 04/29/02  

For those who wanted to know what a sponsored wedding is -

You talk your vendors (cake, flowers, dress, DJ, whatever) into doing stuff for cheap or free in exchange for advertising at your wedding. They might settle for just an acknowledgement in the program or putting their business cards and brochures around the reception. Or they might say you have to hang a banner with their name on a table or your car or something. Or apparently in DW's case, their names on the backs of t-shirts given to the guests.

IMO, you can do a beautiful wedding inexpensively without turning it into a commercial, but this idea seems to be gaining popularity. Frankly, I think having fewer flowers or a shorter train is worth it not to plaster company names all over your wedding.

Opinion over, I'm getting married in 19 days. I've got pictures of lots of things.

- My mom and I made my dress and the bridesmaid dresses and the flower girl dresses. Total cost of my dress - $177. ( and

- This sounds nuts, but you know how sometimes you see signs on the side of the road that say "Dozen roses, $8" or something like it? (Maybe this only happens in the South or more rural areas? Although this is in a good sized city.) Anyway, there was one of those near my parents' office. So they went over there. The guy is even ordering different bunches to try to match the bridesmaid fabric for us. We're doing the arranging ourselves. My hand tied bouquet was really easy. (Again,

- Favors - I put rosemary in glassive envelopes with a slip about rosemary and weddings. ( Also got bubbles when they were on sale at JoAnn's.

- Making the ring bearer pillows to match the dress, and a friend is doing the flower girl baskets.

- Food - this is the uncheap part of our wedding. We're having a caterer, but it's coming out to only a couple thousand for 175 people. But I know several people who have gone to Sam's or Costco and easily catered it themselves.

- Tuxes - Men's Wearhouse does a deal for weddings where the whole shebang (shoes, socks, and cufflinks included) is $49.99. They just have to show up in their underwear.

One question - why are you wondering about bachelorette party ideas if it's your wedding? It's your maid of honor's job to throw that party!

By vespabelle On 04/30/02  

Please reconsider sponsors. A lot of people will consider it in bad taste.

There are tons of ways to make a wedding wonderful on a budget. The easiest is to not serve alcohol. Or serve only beer and wine. (we had homebrew and Lucky!) or have an afternoon wedding with Champagne only.

For favors we used candied chickpeas (they are sooo good and much cheaper than Jordan Almonds) in little paper bags. Attached the the paper bag with a ribbon was a bookmark we had printed along with our invites. It had our names, wedding date and a drawing of a dandelion seeds (our "theme"). The paper bags were cheap, the chickpeas were cheap, the bookmarks were free because we had left over space when we laid out all our wedding stationery, and the ribbon was that cheapo 3 spools for a buck stuff at Michaels.

By DwStrayCat19 On 05/01/02  

You gals have some great ideas! Well, I was thinking about the sponsors since we're still you and just making our way into the world. Trust me, my guest really wouldn't care. Most of them are my friends and are around twenty years old. We don't even really have a nest egg yet. I thought about the prom dress idea too. I'll just keep looking around eBay for a while. I'll be getting married in early December. My best friend will be my maid of honor - although he's a guy. So I've decided to be in charge of my own bachelorette party. I love to plan things anyway. Maybe I should be a wedding planner. Lol. Keep 'em comin'.
P.S. Congrats to all the gals getting married soon!

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