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By girlwakesup On 04/24/02  

hello. i'm kind of a newbie (well, an old pal that lost touch and just got reaquainted i suppose..heh) and i just wanted to link up my distro site: which will have lots of my own crafts hopefully up soon. i also wanted ot mention that i'm looking for diy goodies and zines to sell through the distro, if you make something that you'd like to have sold, let me know!

By alexeye On 04/25/02  

oooh, my friend and i are working on a line of cuffs and purses that we want to start selling! how does your distro work?

By girlwakesup On 04/25/02  

my distro works basically on either trade (your stuff for stuff i make or stuff in the catalogue), wholesale (i buy a larger amount of the items from you for a smaller price than retail), or consignment (you send the item and i sell it for you through the site and i pay you a percentage of the retail price as they sell). i'm pretty flexible with things and i can work out some sort of deal, but i usually ask that i see a sample of the product before i distro it. i'd absolutely love to see what you have if you're interested, please email me!

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