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By stardemi On 04/23/02  

Hey guys!

My third post, but I have not had much luck getting people to respond to them. Oh well, maybe this time some brillant and crafty person will have just the right answer I am looking for.

I have tons of magnetic poetry kits and no more room on my refrigerator. I have seen magnetic bulletin board type things for like $40, but I was wondering if there is a way I can make one. Does any one know where I can buy that silver magnetic board? If so, how can I frame it to hang up on my wall. These magnets are all over the place now!



By mithridatechild On 04/23/02  

ikea sells them for 14bux each ^^
idk about buying them at hardware stores, but i bet you could. just go ask, an tell me too! i want one. but i dont want to spend 14 bux. lols

By seniorsweetie On 04/23/02  

What about a cookie sheet in a frame? Like the flat kind. Will that work? Maybe spray paint it a nice color or something?

By linfin On 04/23/02  

I know that you can get magnetic paint for fairly cheap. You could paint a piece of plywood or something and then it could be any size you wanted. I think you can get it at places like Hobby Lobby, and if not, then at Home Depot. I know I have seen it somewhere that I go a lot.

By peppermintsquar On 04/23/02  

I have a magnetic board from Ikea and I think it was even cheaper than $14 - $9 or $10. It's about 2 feet by 1 1/2 feet.

By Coleenie On 04/23/02  

I made my own. I got a 30X26 sheet of metal from the hardware store, took some of that crap you use to age copper and smeared it all over it for days till it got this funky sheen. I simply stuck foamcore to the back for support and stuck a uniframe (get the oversized one) on it. You need to support the uniframe with foam core corners.. I'm not sure how to exsplain this very well... if you don't over time the frame will bend because of the weight. I'd try going to a couple local frame shops and have them exsplain it to you. anywho. I didn't do that and now its bowed *L* (I'm a framer - I should have know better!) so its sitting in the living room on a esle(SP!) very cool looking.


By kategirl On 04/24/02  

I just took a flat cookie sheet, pounded a nail in the wall, and hung it up. tada! lots of room for both english and german magnetic poetry!

By miss lucie On 04/24/02  

at walmart, they sell magnetic boards that are shaped like flowers, hearts, circles. they're about $6 if I remember correctly (I used them as Christmas gifts with marble magnets) and the size of a medium pizza around. they had smaller ones too. you might be looking for something bigger though. :/

By stardemi On 04/24/02  

Wow! You all have such great ideas for my magnetic board. Thank you so much... I must get to work on it soon! I wanted a huge board, so I am going to have to make one myself or buy the magnetic paint and paint one of my walls with it. Does anyone know where I can get the paint, or what it is called? Gracias!


By meemeye On 04/25/02  

I just read about this somewhere...I think it said the spraypaint is by Crayola and can be found at Home Depot. Hope that helps...

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