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By esoterica On 04/23/02  

Can anyone tell me how to make my own stickers? The most creative thing I have come up with is buying label sheets at office supply stores and printing my designs on them. Is there another way to make the shiny, durable ones?

By christineanne On 04/23/02  

shiny and durable... like the ones on cars?
they are all made of adhesive vinyl
you could have adhesive vinyl laser cut (like the calvin peeing on the ford) kind of expensive compared to ink-jet prints, or you could screen print them- but you need to use oil based inks, hard to find, industrial and toxic city. acrylic inks will flake off.

good luck.

i have seen static clilng decals for your computer printer, since those go inside your car they'd be alot more durable, however ink jet ink is transparent, so that leads to a whole other problem.

By pinkO On 04/23/02  

not to kill yer diy instinces, but and will make stickers for you...

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