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By Funki_Munki On 04/23/02  

hello everyone! =)
okies well my good pal wants a homemade gift... little did i know about this till a day ago...her bday is on may first... she's turning 14...
it would be gr8 if u could tell me some stuff and include the method if possible!

By monkey_thoughts On 04/23/02  

what kinds of things is she into?

By Funki_Munki On 04/23/02  

ok well she likes;
bath stuff,
thats the main stuff but i'm sure there are other things too... ooh yeah - she likes cool quotes! =)

By asianlynn On 04/23/02  

Make her a home made personalized book so that she can keep a collection of cool quotes.

By Funki_Munki On 04/23/02  

yeah, good idea, but i want something, i don't know... like something special and unique..

By divia On 04/23/02  

Try using the search function. There are hundreds of gift related posts.

By goddess On 04/23/02  

i think it would be fun to make some homemade beauty/bath products for her. you can get some good ideas on the "DIY hair and make-up" thread or search the web for recipes. i would recommend a body scrub w/ sugar and something fun like a lipgloss. you can use old jars to put them in and even decorate them with some great quotes! or make a label with the recipe on it so she can remake it when she runs out.

a great book is 'natural beauty at home' by janice cox. if you don't want to buy it, you can see if the library has it or go to a book store and write down a few recipes you'd like to use.

have fun!

By Funki_Munki On 04/23/02  

thanks for the ideas guys! since i have a free day to myself today i might try finding recipes and stuff!...
i hope it works out alright =)

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