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By gadgetgirl On 04/21/02  

So last night I was working on a skirt.
At one point I was ironing a seam and my machine started sewing all by itself! Yikes!
So I shut the bugger off, unplugged everything, tried to see if there was anything on (or in) the foot pedal.
Everything seemed OK, so I plugged it back in and it was Ok for a while then it did it again. So I again, turned everything off, unplugged everyting, blah blah.
But this time I turned the machine on without the pedal plugged in. It didn't go on it's own this time. But the second I plugged the pedal in it went off like a race horse.
So this morning I plugged it in and it was fine. With or without the pledal. Figures

Now keep in mind that I just had this machine serviced like 6 weeks ago and the foot pedal is brand new.

Has anyine ever had this happen before? What did you do to fix it? I'm going to call the shop that fixed it and ask them what they think.


By jodysomething On 04/21/02  

Wow, I never heard of that before. I wish my machine would sew by itself, save me a lot of time! :)

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